Monday, March 06, 2006

Recuperation Weekend

Ah, the weekend! Not just any weekend, but a weekend at home with absolutely no schedule or obligations. It was just what we needed after last week.

We watched good movies (Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit with the kids; Love Story of Bobby Long and Tiptoes after they went to bed). We read books (take a look at my book blog to hear about our latest favorites). The boys played together all weekend, with stuffed animals, knights & dragons, and all sorts of pretend games.

The only downside was that Craig got strep throat. We had to take him to the doctor's office on Sunday morning for a strep test and prescription. With all of the health-related challenges we face, strep is an easy one. It's easy to recognize, easy to diagnose, and easy to treat. Quite a change from the vagaries of CFIDS.

So now we start a new week. Of course, it's starting out like last week, with an unexpected challenge to deal with, but I feel better equipped to deal with these inevitable roadblocks after such a relaxing weekend. Craig should be feeling better and back to school by tomorrow. Bring it on - I'm ready.

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