Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Mardi Gras 2009!

Happy Mardi Gras Day! I hope you're all wearing green, purple, and gold today. I'm listening to NOLA's Mardi Gras Radio as I type this.

I'm happy to report that our Mardi Gras party was a big success on Saturday. Everyone had a good time, I actually enjoyed myself, and by dinnertime on Sunday, I was feeling pretty good again!

We had jambalya, red beans and rice, and shrimp, followed by bread pudding with whiskey sauce and King Cake for dessert. We had about 18 adults (though 4 came late just for dessert) and 6 kids - our biggest party since CFS! I felt pretty good all evening - never even had that weird, brain foggy-experience where you feel like you're in a different world than everyone else. I was careful to sit, not stand, most of the time, but I did it!

Of course, it really stinks that I can no longer drink, but I still wake up feeling hung over! I was exhausted Sunday morning and went back to bed for my nap before noon, but after that, I felt pretty good again. We were all up until midnight, but the boys recovered well, too, and were both able to go to school on Monday. Here they are eating King Cake with their friends; the kids ate a whole cake by themselves! So, a big success and lots of fun.

Tonight, as per tradition, we're going to our friends' house for dinner. They lived in New Orleans the same time we did, and since moving to Delaware, we always eat Popeye's at their house on Mardi Gras day.

Happy Mardi Gras! Do something to celebrate and have a little fun today!


  1. That's great that your party was such a success! And that you and the boys fared ok through it! I hope you have a good evening.


  2. Wow looks like fun!

    (I'm copying and pasting from my reply to your comment on my blog, just in case you don't see it)

    Looks like you had a good crowd and all had a blast. My husband & I went to New Orleans a couple of times for the Sugar Bowl and once over New Years. I loved it there. We stayed right on Bourbon St. and it was so much fun. I saw things on Bourbon Street that I’ve never seen anywhere else! (blush)
    Luckily I was safely on one of those upper balconies!

    My old church in Roanoke, VA would be celebrating Fat Tuesday with a pancake supper. I miss that. It doesn't compare to your celebration, but at least it's remembered!