Monday, February 16, 2009

Post-Weekend Rest

I made a decision to just rest today and not even attempt any work after our weekend of traveling to see family. I caught a mild stomach virus from my little nephew, so I needed to just take it easy today.

We drove to Connecticut for my niece and nephew's birthdays (they were turning 7 and 3, respectively). It was very nice to see everyone, and I actually did quite well this weekend (until last night). My 11-year old son, Craig, didn't fare so well. He woke up vomiting at midnight Friday night at my Mom's house - his fourth stomach virus since Thanksgiving! My poor husband spent yet another night sleeping on the floor of a relative's house next to him.

Craig was doing better after napping on the way to my sister's house Saturday, so he was able to enjoy his cousins' pool party, but by evening he felt rotten again. By then, my sister realized that my nephew was sick, too. He had a 101 fever and was still running around playing! Ah, to be 3 again...

By Sunday, Craig had developed the same upper respiratory infection Jamie and I had the past two weeks, and by Sunday night, he and I both had stomach cramps and....I'll spare you the rest of the details!

Despite all of that, I'm glad we went. It brings me such joy to spend time with my niece and nephew. My nephew, in particular at this age, is so full of joy and excitement! He was so happy to have all of us there and is such a sweet and loving (and highly energetic!) child. And guess what song he was singing at full volume - with dance moves - all weekend? "I Like to Move It, Move It" from Madagascar! He must have been reading my blog last week.


  1. Ouch! I'm sorry you and your sons AND husband paid so dearly. But I'm glad you enjoyed yourself in spite of the "side effects".

    Hope you're up and around again soon.

  2. I'm sorry you've all been sick. And especially Craig - 4 times since Thanksgiving?! The stomach virus is awful! I hope you all are feeling better.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your visit with your relatives!


    P.S. I love that song and Madagascar too!

  3. Sounds like a good time was had by all in spite of all the horrible stomach stuff.

    The fact you are getting some symptoms is quite a good sign. My immune system is so upregulated I hardly know I have a virus any more.

    I miss having children in my life. I'm not quite old enough to be a grandma yet.

    Thanks for your advice on my post about probiotics by the way.

    Enjoy your day of rest.


  4. Don't you wish the fun stuff didn't come with such a high price tag? It is a constant balancing act -- I love your blog because you show how to fit in the good stuff even with CFS.