Tuesday, March 01, 2011

CFS Blog with Book Discussion?

OK, I can't seem to figure this out on my own, so I guess it's time to make my brain fog public....

I remember reading (I swear, I do!) a few weeks ago on someone's ME/CFS blog (I think) that someone was going to start an online book discussion, and the first book was The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion.

So....I've read the book and would love to discuss it but can't remember whose blog it was!  Anyone??


  1. sorry, can't help there. Just wanted to mention, though, that I used your book blog a few times to find good books. Thanks. I'm a real reader and I love good adult fiction but also good non-vampire teen fantasy.

  2. I don't remember seeing it, but then I'm not necessarily the right person to ask:):) my memorie isn't very good...



  3. Yeah, look who I'm asking! We've all got brain fog - the blind leading the blind.

    Upnorth - Glad you've found the book blog helpful! I actually write two book blogs - the other is for kids/teen/YA books, so since you like those, too, you might want to check it out:


    I'm not a fan of the vampire genre, so you'll find plenty of non-vampire teen/YA books!


  4. Helen4:29 AM

    I remembered seeing it mentioned somewhere too, so I did a search, Graceful Agony came up, and there it was on her Feb 1st entry. :0) The power of the Google!

    Hope you enjoy the book,

  5. Thank you, Helen!! I was beginning to think I had lost my mind.

    I guess I'm following too many blogs if I can't keep them straight, huh?


  6. OK, so for anyone interested in a CFS book discussion (not about CFS but by a group of people with CFS and other chronic illnesses), here is the link:


    And the discussion is actually taking place on Facebook:


    (I think you have to join the group, then click on Discussions tab).