Monday, March 21, 2011

Post-Socializing Crash

I've been moderately crashed since last Wednesday, though I'm not sure exactly why - it might be from over-doing (always a possibility) or from increasing my dose of Immunovir (still trying that out) or from running out of one of my Lyme supplements and going without for a few days.  As always, who knows?

But one thing is for sure - I enjoyed two different social interactions on Saturday and paid with severe crash symptoms on Sunday.  Even more than the exercise intolerance, it seems completely unfair that simply talking to friends can make me sicker.

Saturday morning was our local ME/CFS and FM support group meeting.  A friend started the group a few months ago, and this weekend was the second time I went.  There were seven of us, some with CFS, some with FM, some still undiagnosed, and our discussions were so interesting that before we knew it, two hours had gone by!  That was a lot for me, given that I was already not in top shape (though I had been OK that morning).  One friend from the meeting and I went out to lunch, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Hey, I had to eat anyway, right?

I went home and napped, had a brief time on the couch, and then it was time to go to a friend's house for dinner.  By then, I was pretty wiped out, but we'd made plans weeks earlier with two families who are among our closest, oldest friends.  It was a quiet evening, just sitting and talking and enjoying a delicious dinner, but by 8 pm, I was really exhausted.

Getting ready for bed that night, I felt like I'd run a marathon!  My body ached all over, and I knew I'd need an Ambien to sleep soundly (I rarely take them when I'm at home).  I woke up Sunday still wiped out, achy, and with a sore throat and was totally useless all day. 

How can social interaction cause such physical repercussions?  It's crazy, isn't it?  I mean, I understand some of the mechanisms behind it, but it still just seems surreal.  The same thing happens when I go to my book group - a couple hours of sitting comfortably and talking with friends results in physical exhaustion.  This is just torture for someone like me, who is naturally a very social person.

Well, fair or not, that's what happens.  I'm doing a bit better this afternoon and have been trying to rest today.

(P.S. No Movie Monday this week - Ken and I were too tired to stay up late enough for movies this weekend!)


  1. Definitely not fair - feel better soon!

  2. ((HUGS)))
    BNut soo worth getting out - but the sad part is you now have to pay for it.
    Not fair aye!

    Love Leanne

  3. One of the wonderful things I've noticed on my new meds is that I tolerate social stress better. My in-laws dropped by unexpectedly, and I spent a whole hour chatting with them without any severe repercussions. It was nice! But you're right, it's not fair, and worse, people have a really hard time understanding how it can wipe you out. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. I know, I'm always pretty crashed after craft group. One to one is OK, but one to many seems to fry the brain. At least we can still do it heh? Quite a few spoonies never get to socialise. A very isolating illness.

  5. Hope you feel better soon, Sue. Socializing is such a necessary activity. Hope you're enjoying the spring (snif).

  6. Sorry Sue. I find the same thing and it is worse on the phone because it is intense listening it and no distractions, pauses, etc. Not fair for sure. Could your Lyme be trying to reproduce also? Hope you feel back to your oldself soon.

  7. Thanks, Renee -

    I have never noticed any pattern in my Lyme symptoms though I know most people do. I haven't actually had any discernible Lyme symptoms in long as I stay on doxy!

    I did, however, run out of Samento last week and had to go without for several days, then that might have caused a herx.

    So hard to tell causes and effects!


  8. Maxine4:17 PM

    Hi Sue,

    Our local support group is lucky to have you and all the valuable contributions you make!! We are very happy that you were able to attend but sorry that you have had to deal with a crash.