Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Finding Joy in Every Day

I had intended to write about joy today, but I'm feeling kinda down (post-vacation blues, I suppose)...then I realized that writing about joy is just what I need to pull myself out of this funk!

I've written about joy on this blog before and have even devoted whole posts to particular joys in my life (the Outdoors, Friendship....hmmm...I thought I got to more than that...).  Anyway, when we got home Sunday evening, I felt compelled to start my Joy Journal up again.  I used to write in it daily, recording any small things that had given me joy that day.  It's a really fabulous practice, a wonderful way to remind yourself of all of the good things in your life, even when it seems so limited.  For instance, even though I'm feeling a bit down today, I could still write these things in my Joy Journal:
  • That first sip of Lemon Zinger tea in the afternoon (I do love my Zingers)
  • My youngest son kissing me good-bye when the bus came this morning.  He does this every morning, then waves to me from the bus, but it still makes me smile every day.
  • The way a few minutes of yoga makes me feel, even when I feel achy and run-down.
  • Walking around Borders today.  I was shopping for my mom and step-mom, but I just love being IN a bookstore, surrounding by all those wonderful reading possibilities!
  • Watching Parenthood, one of my favorite TV shows, during lunch (even though I cried three times during this episode, I love it!)
There, see?  I thought I was having a bad day, but now I'm smiling.   It really does work wonders for the soul.

And yesterday I saw someone on the Today Show, Neil Pasricha, who further inspired me to find joy in the little things.  He's the author of a book called, The Book of Awesome (and now The Book of (Even More) Awesome which is why he was on the Today Show).   His books follow the same concept, that there are million of little reasons to be happy every day, and you just need to notice them.  Check out his website, 1000 Awesome Things, where every day he posts another little awesome thing to find joy in.  I think I will make it my first stop each morning on the web!

What brings you joy?


  1. Yesterday our Lyme doctor told me that before she gets out of bed in the morning she lists 100 things she is grateful for! I decided today to start listing mine again in my gratitude journal that I used to do every single day. Like this post, Sue. A good reminder that we can find joy in every day..

  2. I totally agree with you - even tho life can deal some cruel cards - one can still find the joy.
    We have found the simplest of things bring the most joy.
    Every night we list our 5 best parts of the day - it is amazing just what you can find even when in a rough spot.
    It's all about attitude.

    Daily I blog trying not to focus on the bad stuff - this week dd has had a tummy bug on top of a CFS/ME crash - a tough week for her but it also effects everyone. We just now roll with the bad days & totally enjoy & treasure the good ones.

    Love Leanne

  3. Oh Sue, what a wonderful reminder to count our blessings (see the joy) in our lives!!! I needed to hear that today! I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself. Now, I can hear the birds chirpping, the door is open because the sun is finally shining!, my dogs are silly, hubby mowed the yard, my kids are buying a house, etc............

    And you and your posts!

    Thanks Sue for the lift up today!

    God Bless,

  4. Great post.
    You're probably right that on the bad days is when we need to remember these things the most.
    Sue, we have a lot in common. I feel the same way about bookstores and the possibilities books offer.
    I was at the dentist today and it the bathroom was a poster that was a list of at least 1000 things that can bring one Joy.

  5. Maxine6:26 PM

    Harry Potter movies :-)

  6. Wow, I am loving all the positive comments here and hearing about your own personal joys!

    Upnorth -

    See? You never know where you'll find inspiration - in the bathroom of your dentist office!!

    MY latest joy was when I served a new dinner recipe I made up tonight, Jamie said, "What is this and why haven't you made it before??"


  7. Very timely post. I just found a cousin of mine was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia and CFS, and she is having a really hard time finding any joy in life. I'll have to refer her to that site, and visit it often myself. Thanks so much!

  8. Sue - It's so funny that you were walking around in a Borders in case you haven't seen my latest blog post. Here it is (nice and short). It sounds like you were one of those people I was talking about at the end when I came to enjoy the wonderfulness of just being in a bookstore!

  9. My runner beans putting on about two inches of growth a day!

  10. Oh, Shelli -

    So sorry to hear about your cousin. Those first years are so difficult emotionally. Hopefully you can help to reassure her that it DOES get better. She's lucky to have you as a resource and role model!


  11. My son bring me GF pizza for my birthday. A sunny day out on the deck. My flowers that I planted preCFS coming up and blooming. My brain being clear enough to read.