Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A Surge of Energy!

Wow, I am getting so much done this week!  It is the exact opposite of last week, when exposure to Craig's cold left me feeling run-down and I got nothing done. Yin and yang.

To what do I attribute this sudden surge of energy?  Well, I think it is due to my Immunovir.  I've been on Immunovir now for over a year, and I know it helps my immune system and my overall well-being (since CFS is essentially an immune disorder).  It is recommended that you switch the dose around frequently; for some reason, it works better that way.  I was following Dr. Levine's and Dr. Klimas' recommendation - I take it 5 days a week and skip it completely on weekends.  With trial and error, I found that I do best on 4 pills a day (6 per day is considered optimum).

Then I read Dr. Cheney's dosage recommendations which involve a complicated schedule, taking some weeks off completely.  I didn't want to do that because taking it does help me function, so instead last week, I went down to just 2 pills a day.  Like I said, I was run-down all week, but I am fairly certain that was due to exposure to my son's virus; his brother and I both spent the week moderately crashed.

I went back to my full dosage of 4 pills a day this Monday, and that's when this surge of energy began!  I first connected it to the Immunovir when I had trouble getting to sleep Monday night - I was so wired!  Not typical CFS "wired and tired" but just wired!  It didn't help that I was reading a fabulous suspense novel, but I knew it was more than that.  I was awake past midnight (I am usually asleep about 10 pm) and then woke up at 7 am feeling fine!  That buzzed feeling had faded by the next night, and I was back to sleeping my usual restful 9 hours, but I remembered the same thing happened to me when I tried to go up to 6 Immunovir pills a day - that's why I backed down on the dose and quit taking it in the evening!

So, I am enjoying this surge of productivity.  With a charity pick-up scheduled for Tuesday morning, I ran around the house Monday evening (when I am usually lying on the couch), collecting old games, puzzles, and science kits the kids had outgrown and throwing shirts out of my closet that I haven't worn in years - woohoo!  Our house has gotten severely cluttered over the past 5 years or so, and it drives me crazy, so it felt really good to take some small steps in the right direction.  I have pledged to myself that each time the charity calls for a pick-up (usually once a month or so), I will say yes and at least pull together a single box or bag to donate.

Coincidentally, I just read a great article about clutter-busting for the chronically ill.  There is some excellent advice here, not only on clutter but also on proactive rest, something I was fortunate to learn about very early in my illness.  Same with the necessity of a cleaning service, just as the author explains.  So, maybe this article will inspire you, too!

Meanwhile, I am having a blast crossing items off my to-do list!  This is my idea of a good time!  And I am rewarding myself with dinner out with friends and our book group tonight.


  1. Hooray, Sue!!!

    I'm so glad that you're having such wonderful energy and able to get so much done/be so productive.

    It's an amazing feeling.

    I hope you continue to have such a good week!

  2. Great that you're feeling some periods of energy. What a treat it is when it happens. And that you can connect it to a treatment? Even better to "know" what the trick is. It's nice to hear good news.

  3. How fun Sue....good for you....great for house purging...we are doing that too a little at a time. So glad you are having such a good week.

  4. I get "wired & tired" too! it's such a comfort finding out someone can relate. I'm so glad there's something working for you instead of against & wish you continued good energy!