Friday, October 12, 2012

Video Clips of CFSAC Meeting, Day 1

Last week (was it only just last week?), I attended the Fall 2012 CFS Advisory Committee Meeting at the Department of Health and Human Services.  I was only able to be there for a few hours, and I gave my testimony during the public comment period.  The HHS has posted video clips of each section of the meeting on Youtube, so I thought I'd share the links here for everyone who wasn't able to attend the meeting.

I think I will post the clips from Day 1 here and the clips from Day 2 in another post, so it's not too long.

Welcome and opening remarks:

Presentation:  Biomarkers: An Overview and Future Look:

Public Comment Period #1 (am):  My testimony is at 11 min, 15 sec, Denise Lopez-Majano, founder of Speak Up About ME, gave her son's testimony starting at 44:35, and the last speaker is Laura Hillenbrand's father.

Agency Updates from HRSA, NIH, and FDA:

FDA and Drug Development:

Public Comment #2 (pm):  Faith Newton gives her testimony at 30 minutes; Faith is a good friend of ours - her teen son has CFS and goes to the same high school as my sons and she is an educational expert.

Committee Discussion and Plans for Day 2:

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