Monday, January 06, 2014

Movie Monday 1/6

Well, between more holiday days last week plus snow days when we returned home, our family had lots of down time together, so we watched a couple of good movies. As always, with two teen boys and a husband, they are all suspense/thriller/action movies, but if you like those these were both good:

Friday night, my younger son had a friend sleep over, and my husband wanted to watch his alma mater (Oklahoma State) play football, so my older son and I picked a mystery/thriller from Amazon Prime. We settled on an older movie, Copycat, about a serial killer. Holly Hunter does a great job as the SF detective trying to catch an elusive serial killer, and Sigourney Weaver plays a serial killer expert who has become a recluse ever since being attacked by a serial killer who'd read her books. It's a tense thriller filled with twists and turns. And, though it took me a while to recognize him, Harry Connick, Jr. plays the killer who attacked Weaver's character - you have never seen him so ugly or creepy! We both enjoyed it.

Saturday, our younger son went to the movies (you can see who has the active social life around here!), so the rest of us watched Elysium, a sci fi action film that my son has been eager to see. It takes place in 2154, when the earth is a mess and its wealthiest, most powerful citizens have left the planet to live on Elysium, an idyllic space station orbiting earth. Anti-immigration laws prevent the poor masses from coming to Elysium (ah, perhaps a bit of a political statement here?). Matt Damon plays an Average Joe who dreams of someday getting to Elysium with his childhood friend, Frey. The plot was unique and suspenseful, the acting good (Jodie Foster also stars as the evil Secretary of Defense on Elysium), and the movie is filled with nonstop action.

Have you seen any good movies lately?


  1. I think I may have seen copycat a long long time ago! I watched freedom writers recently, have you seen that? It's about a teacher who's methods encourage lids with no hope to start reading and a lot of them end up going to college. .... Not the best synopsis, but it's worth a watch!

  2. Anonymous5:29 AM

    You seem to have a cold from arctis in huge parts of US right now, and im from Sweden and here its much warmer right now its + 5 celcius. Kind of strange since Sweden is more north. But I suppose its the golfstream.

  3. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Hi Sue, now I finally found a doctor in Sweden that knows a lot about lyme. But it will take time, his gonna send the test to germany and I will take the tests in a week. And the tests will take two weeks before they analysed until then I cant get any meds. Tests in germany are the best in europe (strangely enough they think the tests are humbug in sweden). But it all takes to long time I cant start treatment until february, but what can I do. Ive heard from a lot of people that got way better so Im hopefull even thought I know its a hard treatment.

    1. That's great news!! Yes, the process can take a while - it;s the same here in the US - but at least you have found someone to help and are on that path forward. Best of luck!!