Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I'm back! After a week and a half-long crash nestled in a month of barely getting by, I feel GOOD today. What a treat!

Even the weather cooperated today. After a mostly cold March, today truly felt like spring with bright sunshine and 70 degrees. Here in Delaware, forsythia blooms at this time of year. Its vibrant yellow blossoms along roadways, fields, and neighborhoods represent spring to me.

I reveled in a forgotten sense of freedom today. Not only did I feel good, but both of my boys felt good and were off at school. My wonderful and incredibly patient friend Amy has been waiting weeks (months?) for this unlikely alignment of the stars so that we could go shopping together. We went to Trader Joe's, a fabulous whole foods store, and I stocked up (never know when I'll be able to get out again).

Ironically, now that our cupboards and fridge are overflowing, I ordered Chinese take-out for dinner! I've learned the hard way that shopping can easily use up my allotment of energy for the day. To also cook dinner would be asking for trouble.

It's so hard to moderate my activity level when I feel good. I want to do everything and make up for lost time. It still astounds me that exercise can feel so good when I'm doing it and result in my feeling so horrible a few hours later. I've long believed that this unique and mystifying reaction lies at the heart of unraveling CFID's secrets.

So, I'm taking a break but still enjoying this gorgeous day. I brought the laptop out onto our deck in my reclining chair to absorb all of this sunshine and sweet spring air. We're planning to take our pop-up trailer out for the first camping trip of the season this weekend. I need to pace myself so I can make the most of this fleeting gift of energy.

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