Sunday, February 10, 2019

Brief Blog Hiatus

My "office" - recliner by the window & laptop!
Happy weekend, everyone! I should have written this post a week ago, but I am still struggling with computer problems, and I had a couple of crash days this week. I'm feeling better now, which is good because this week coming up is packed full of appointments, etc.

I wanted to let you know that I am taking a brief hiatus from this blog - probably about a month. I didn't want to just disappear without an explanation! The reason behind this little break is so that I can focus this month on the book I am working on, Effective Treatments for ME/CFS: Our Experiences. This book is based in part on what I have posted here on my blog, so much of the information is already available - but you have to look through 12 years of blog posts and follow a lot of links to find it all! My purpose in writing a book is to pull all of that information on treatments for ME/CFS - which are the most popular posts here - together in one place.

In the meantime, you can find much of this information already under the ME/CFS Treatments tab.
It is a summary of the treatments that have worked best for my sons and I over the years - we now function fairly well and live active lives again. Like I said, you will have to follow the links in that post to get all the details for each area of treatment, but it's all there! That page works like a roadmap to (almost) all of the treatment information on the blog. 

I've also written a few recent treatment posts that are not yet listed on that page, so you can check those out:
So, that should keep you busy while I'm working on the book!

Finally, I wanted to explain that I'm not actually disappearing, though I won't be writing new blog posts for a little while. I am active on Twitter and the Facebook page for this blog just about every day, and there are wonderful, warm, supportive communities in both places - I encourage you to check them out! I will also remain active in the Facebook groups that I manage (note that I do not "friend" people I don't know but rely on the Facebook page and groups for interacting with others with chronic illness). So, I'll still be around and happy to chat or answer questions that might come up!