Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Might as well continue with the water analogies. I don't even have the energy today to tread water. I crashed big-time last night. Horribly sore throat, aches from head to toe, feels like my body is filled with wet cement.

Too much computer time yesterday? My little walk around the neighborhood? A delayed reaction to all the stress lately? I haven't felt this bad in quite awhile. Even using the laptop in the recliner is too much for today. It's a flat day.

Crahes are frustrating because there's so little you can do to help yourself. There's no way out but through it. Rest and wait...


  1. Yep, just wait it out and be patient. But damn, they are frustrating! Feel better soon!

  2. Sue,
    it's rough coping with a crash. I hope you can rest as comfortably as possible.
    ps: I saw your blog mentioned in the CFIDS newsletter and I'm trying to read back from the beginning of your posts.