Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Another One Bites the Dust

Jamie crashed this weekend, and Craig and I are crashed again (still?), too. Whew, it's been a rough month. Maybe it's due to exposure to all those fresh school germs. Anyway, Craig has another doctor's appointment this morning. Jamie's still feeling rotten, but it's his first full crash in about 6 months! He was bummed yesterday that he won't have perfect attendance this quarter. Perfect attendance?? He missed 60 days in 5th grade, and we didn't even bother counting last year, but his attendance was definitely less than 50% overall. So, we can certainly ride out this crash.

Besides school and soccer starting in September, we attended two out-of-town family weddings. It's no wonder the boys and I keep crashing. Despite the consequences, I'm glad we went to the weddings. Family is so important. It's really been nice to spend time with our family this month, get dressed up, and celebrate. I even danced a little, just like a normal, healthy person (probably why I crashed so badly). I danced with my Dad and with Ken, my husband,and even did a cautious boogie to "We Are Family" with my aunts!

So, we did have some fun this month, despite the long drives and late nights. I'm trying to keep in mind the highlights, as the three of us lie around the family room trying to recover. I better fix some lunch so we can get to the doctor's office on time.

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