Friday, October 13, 2006

A Sense of Perspective

I regained my sense of perspective about our family's health issues this morning on a trip to our local children's hospital.

Craig needed a back x-ray (his pain is probably "just" CFIDS, but the doctor wants to rule out other causes). As the boys and I sat in the waiting room of the imaging area, we saw children with all sorts of severe disabilities. So many kids, big and little, in special wheelchairs, hooked up to tubes or unable to walk on their own. One young boy had a seizure in his wheelchair right in front of us. His chair was filled with all sorts of medical equipment, and his mom looked at him and said to her companion, "Yes, he's definitely seizing this time. Well, we're in the right place for it." She was so calm and accustomed to this that it brought tears to my eyes.

I often think about how grateful I am for all that we have - each other, our family and friends, a comfortable home - and try to appreciate the joys in our lives, but seeing all those families at the children's hospital today made me feel even more blessed. Our health problems are certainly challenging, but they're nothing compared to what some of these other parents have been dealing with every single day since their child's birth.

The past two days, with school out, my boys have had a blast - running and playing with their friends, coming home laughing and covered in mud, having a friend sleep over last night. It's been like a mini summer vacation for us. I am so very grateful that they have the strength and vitality to play and be carefree like that. Tonight, I am very aware of our blessings.


  1. Sue,
    not everyone would come away from that experience with a feeling of gratitude for what they do have in their life. good for you and thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Yeah whenever CFIDS gets me really down (which I admit is far too frequently) my way of coping is to stop and list all of the things I'm grateful for. Not that it minimizes what this disease does and takes from us, but it's a nice reminder that there's good stuff too. And seeing what other people struggle with, whether it be greater disability or greater poverty, is a way to even out all the messages I see every day of people living lives I can't. I guess it's the whole yin and yang thing. ;)

    Oh and glad to hear Dr. Rowe is able to work with you!