Thursday, July 05, 2007

Back Home

We returned home from vacation earlier this week. We had a good trip and especially enjoyed our journey out to Oklahoma, with some wonderful stops along the way. Our time in Oklahoma was a bit more stressful than we had planned. We found my husband's parents in worse shape than we had realized and spent our time there helping them to get back on their feet - doctors' visits, shopping, cooking, etc. In fact, my husband flew back out there yesterday for his mom's back surgery. She broke a vertebra in a recent fall and has been in constant pain, so we're hoping this procedure will help her.

So, we're back home, but life has not yet returned to "normal" (whatever that is!). I have two half-days of consulting work next week, so I'm trying to save up some energy for that, while I work to unpack, clean up, and take care of the kids. Both boys are doing well - thank goodness for Florinef! They're taking full advantage of summer, running around with friends, completely carefree. I am so grateful that OI treatment has worked so well for them, to allow them to play like normal kids. In fact, Craig has been insisting that he no longer has CFIDS; since starting Florinef this spring, his stamina has been incredible.

I have over 200 e-mail messages and am having trouble with my internet connection, so please be patient if you've send me an e-mail. I'm way behind and probably won't catch up until I get past that consulting work next week. I need to help pay for our vacation!

I'll try to post more information and an update on my anti-viral treatment soon (not much new to report, though). Hope everyone is enjoying a nice summer.

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