Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good-bye, Lyme Disease!

I drove to NJ today to see the Lyme specialist again. I've now been on the double-dose of antibiotics for 10 weeks (plus 2 months before that off and on a regular dose) and haven't had any Lyme symptoms since about 8 weeks ago.

He thinks I'm cured!

The guideline is to stay on antibiotics until 6-8 weeks with no symptoms, so he says I can go off the medication now, and we'll see what happens. I only have 5 days' of pills left, so I'll probably finish them, just to be safe. Back in the fall, I was at this point (symptom-free), went off the antibiotics too soon, and my symptoms came back, but I think this latest round did the trick.

Too soon to celebrate yet - until I'm off the antibiotics for good - but this is very good promising news!


  1. Yeah for you! So glad to hear that. Hope you are completely finished.

  2. This is great news!! Your patience has paid off..
    So happy for you..

  3. I'm really pleased for you. Light at the end of the tunnel, yay!

  4. Congrats! That's awesome!

  5. I went thru nearly the same thing. Have not touched a pill since after all the antibiotics and that was 5 years ago! Wish you the best! Find me on my site, if you want to share stories. :) Reading about herx and all that on your site brings back many memories. I would love to talk more!