Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Waiting for Normal

Waiting for Normal is actually the title of a wonderful book I recently reviewed, but it's been stuck in my head all day like my personal motto.

I'm not waiting for real normal, just to get back to my own kind of normal. I'm not there yet. The boys and I were all sick last week - they each caught a nasty respiratory virus, and I was just plain crashed. Jamie's turned into bronchitis, so he felt hugely better as soon as he started antibiotics. Both boys were back in school today - hurray! That was a huge milestone, although Craig could still develop a secondary infection, like bronchitis or a sinus infection. He seems a bit better today. And Jamie was thrilled to go back today after missing 7 days in the past two weeks, but he came home completely exhausted. He just gave up on his way-overdue homework and went up to bed...at 6:30 pm!!

As for me, I still feel pretty awful. I figured I was just crashed last week because of the virus lurking around, stimulating my immune system. By the end of the week, I had a severe allergy attack - it happens a few times a year, with watery eyes, runny nose, and feeling run-down and achy. So, maybe this is still just the allergies or maybe it's my herx reaction to restarting Lyme treatment or maybe both. I am so sick of playing the guessing game. It's been over a week since I've been able to get any work done. With the house finally quiet today, I had big plans, but by 9 am, I was so achy and worn out, I gave up and went back to the couch with my book. That's where I spent the whole day.

I've missed the blogging world, as well as the rest of the outside world. I'm getting sick of the family room! I guess I better go e-mail Jamie's teacher about this assignment he couldn't finish. He may need to take an Incomplete for now and do it in the new marking period. Besides, I know I shouldn't be wasting my energy on the computer - I just don't have enough right now. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.


  1. This virus has really taken its toll on all of you. Sounds like your plan to rest and rest somemore is a good idea....frustrating but necessary...I liked what you said about "normal"...your kind of normal...isn't that the truth!
    Wishing you better days~

  2. I'm sorry you're not even up to your normal, and hope that you're doing better soon. I've always called this "living in until...", and I really wish we didn't have to do it.

  3. I sure hope this passes quickly for you. I know what you mean about the guessing game. It sure would be nice to have some certainty!

    It sounds like you have a triple whammy going on with a herx, virus, and the cfids.


  4. Agh, you poor thing. Last summer, Jessie went on a mission trip and I was freaking out. She had just been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. She survived quite well. Teens manage.

    I hope you're feeling a little better.