Sunday, April 26, 2009

CFS Doctors

A quick request -

Anyone out there know of a doctor in Minnesota who understands CFS? Even better if the doctor has experience in pediatric CFS and Orthostatic Intolerance.

I checked Co-Cure's Good Doctor List, but there's no one listed for MN. Thanks!


  1. Sue, I know someone ~ she is very good and with CFS, Lyme and FM and MCS....
    I would rather not give her name out publically.
    If you will leave me your email address at my blog I will email you.

    1. Anonymous6:00 PM


      Is your doc Dr. Radovsky? If not, would you send me her name?


  2. Wouldn't it be nice if some day, all doctors would be knowledgeable and experienced with CFS?

  3. Yes, it would be nice, Shelli!! But we're a long way from that.

    I made my request for a friend of a friend whose daughter had mono in January and is now showing signs of severe OI. Despite the fact that 10% of people who get mono go on to develop CFS, most doctors still don't recognize it when it happens. It's frustrating.

    THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO SENT ME MN DOCTOR RECOMMENDATIONS!! (feel free to send more if you have them)


  4. Hi Sue,

    Glad Renee knows a doc and hope he/she can be a good one for you and your sons. I understand the incredible challenge it is to find a doctor who understands CFS and knows enough to help.

    Often think of you and how hard it has to be on your mom's heart to have your son's have CFS too.

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  6. Would it be possible for you to pass along the doctor recommendations? I've been having CFS like symptoms for about 7 months and i've seen 4 different (useless) doctors that have told me there's nothing wrong with me.

  7. Jason - Try these CFS doctor databases that I recently posted on my blog:


  8. Jason -

    here's another MN suggestion from a blog reader:

    "Dr. Laurie Radovsky (she is located in St. Paul) has experience in treating CFS -- I have not seen her in about two years (she switched clinics) but have an appointment on May 5 and I can ask her about her pediatric CFS and OI experience and get back to you if you would like.
    Here is a link to her bio if someone would like more info: "

  9. Christa6:52 PM

    Renee, could you send me the name of the doctor you know of? Christa

  10. Anonymous12:04 AM

    Have you considered IGeneX testing for Lyme disease?

  11. Anon -

    I did have Lyme disease for a while (and was tested by Igenex) but I got rid of it. My son currently has Lyme and two other tick infections - also tested by Igenex.

    Thanks -