Monday, June 01, 2009

Crazy Week

Today was supposed to be my day of rest to get ready for a crazy week, but I've had non-stop computer problems all day! This means that quick, simple tasks have turned into lengthy, difficult tasks. My laptop is FULL - I mean really full. I keep getting these dire warnings about disk space, and I move big files like pictures and movies to a storage drive, but within a week, the messages come back. Bottom line is that all of our computers are old (ancient in computer time) and we just don't have the extra money to upgrade right now, so we struggle along. Meanwhile, there's something wrong with my e-mail and restarting the computer and modem isn't doing the trick, so I still can't send e-mail. I feel stranded!

Anyway, I got the laptop going again after deleting a bunch of files, so I'm lying down at least. What a week we have ahead of us!

Jamie has 4 final exams this week. During the weekend, he went to 2 parties, played soccer Saturday morning, and marched in a parade with his school band Saturday night. A healthy kid would be wiped out after that. Jamie was a complete zombie by last night. Such is the life of a high school kid. Fortunately (and amazingly), he rebounded pretty well with a good night's sleep and was able to go to his last day of classes today.

As for me, tomorrow is my big day. I'm going to an annual board meeting in NJ, the last vestige of my old career in environmental management consulting. It's the one day all year when I pull on my one remaining suit, sit in a business meeting, and skip my after-lunch nap. As you can imagine, it's that last part that's toughest! I take the train there and back so I can at least rest a bit on the way home, but it's a long day for me.

Besides all that, we have a bunch of end-of-school activities at Craig's school (he has 7 days left) and the last week of soccer practices and games.

Well, I'm really not feeling very good today, so I should sign off and really rest. Big day tomorrow!


  1. May be teaching my grandmother to suck eggs here, but you have deleted all your temporary files and offline content? Right click C drive, go properties and then click the disk cleanup button. It might buy you a little time. Unless you are fastidious about your computer housekeeping, in which case I've been absolutely no help whatsoever.

    Hope the big day goes smoothly.

  2. No, I'm terrible about computer housekeeping - don't even really know what that means! But I have Macs, which I thought required less of that sort of thing, and I'm guessing that what you described is probably for Windows-PCs, right? After vacation, I need to take the laptop into the Apple store and ask their advice. I've been meaning to do that for months, but a trip to the mall is a big deal!!

    Thanks for the suggestions -


  3. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Good plan. Also, go online to Apples store and look at the refurbished section. We found a $2,000 computer for $800. WhoaH You have to act really fast so make sure the apple guy gives you a suggestion for what you will need for what you do. Plan a budget. Check the site 2 times a day.

  4. Yes, I was talking about a PC. My daughter has a Mac which she adores and she is beginning to convert me.

    Don't know how i'd cope without my laptop. I totally understand the stress around it and a possible trip to the mall. All that sensory overload!

    Have a great vacation.

  5. Whoa Sue,
    I've been out of the loop. Sorry things are so busy! Hopefully both your boys will get through the week and get to enjoy the summer. Jessie still can't believe that she's done!

    I have a mac, too, and was under the impression that you don't have to houseclean as much. One thing I can advise is to go to the apple website and they have forums. You can get lots of good info from the mac geeks who frequent their site.

    Best of luck to you!

  6. Hi Sue, Oh the technical tweaks sure do cramp one's style don't they!

    Hope you are able to enjoy your day of adorning that suit and attending the conference. What an interesting job you have had-environmental consulting. Can imagine how dear that suit is to you. I still have my favorite suit from when I could work tucked back in my closet...not donating that one.

    Here's to you and your boys enjoying theses busy days with as little physical fall out as possible.