Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hi ya'll...I have to adjust my east coast speech patterns while we're out here in Oklahoma, visiting Ken's dad.

It's been a good trip so far, with lots of fun stops on the way here.  We did suffer one minor setback - our first night camping in Tennessee, Jamie woke up with a nasty stomach virus.  Poor kid - not a fun way to travel!  We tried to hang out at the campground for a while so he could rest, but a huge line of thunderstorms headed our way, so we had to pack up the camper fast and head out.  We set Jamie up lying in the back seat, while Craig had to squeeze into a tiny spot in the third row, surrounding by our luggage!  Fortunately, it only lasted a day, and he's doing fine now.

I've been managing pretty well.  I felt good most days on the way out here and have been managing some hikes.  We took two hikes in Arkansas, where it was REALLY hot, and I felt a bit tired for a couple of days after that, but otherwise, I've been doing well.  Nothing like that stress-free vacation frame of mind...


  1. Great to hear from you Sue. I'm glad that, aside from the minor setback, it's going well. It helps me to think of you as traveling for both of us!

  2. Sorry about the stomach virus. That's definitely no fun! But it's good to hear that, otherwise, it's going pretty well and that you're having a good trip.

    We just got back from the lake and Branson, and after tubing and walking the hills at Silver Dollar City, etc., Jessica was a little tired too, but we mixed in some shows and rests and she managed pretty well.

    Enjoy your vacation!

  3. So great your vacation is going so well! Enjoy!!

  4. I'm glad you made it safely! That is a long trip. I know cause I just made it this past October! :-)

  5. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Take care. hope everyone is well for the rest of the trip! I sometimes 'travel' by Google maps and streetview, hehe. The other week I traveled up the coast from California to Oregon... I was a bit tired by the time I closed the browser but it was worth it, haha!


  6. D - Sounds like fun! We just showed Google Maps to my father-in-law (on my son's iPod Touch) - he was amazed! It is a pretty cool deal. I've never tried traveling that way - sounds like fun! I'll have to remember that next winter when I'm stuck in the house!


  7. Have a great time Sue! Enjoy. :-)

  8. HIKING! Good for you! Hope you enjoy your trip.

    I've changed my blog address and want to make sure people can still see my blog

  9. Sue, awesome that you're getting some hiking in! Glad Jamie's better and hope you keep feeling well enough to keep on having fun.