Saturday, July 02, 2011

Back From Vacation!!

Hi, everyone!  We arrived back home at 2 am this morning from our 3-week vacation in California.  Sorry to just sort of disappear, but I didn't want to announce on the internet that we'd be gone for 3 weeks.  Also, I was seriously ill with bronchitis before we left, so I had no time at all for blog posts the week before the trip.  Thanks to those of you who checked in on me and asked if I was OK.

I have 882 e-mails, a huge bin of mail, piles of dirty laundry, and a washing machine that's been holding wet towels for 3 weeks (eww!), but I'm too exhausted  to deal with any of it.  I'm too worn out for blog posting, either, but it just occurred to me that it might be nice to talk to people who would understand.

Don't get me wrong - it was a fabulous vacation!  We visited mountains, beaches, waterfalls, and cities.  We camped and stayed in nice hotels and even spent two nights in a treehouse!  We've taken a lot of great trips, and this was one of the best.

But, I got very, very sick while we were out there.  The bronchitis I had before we left came back with a vengeance during the second week of the trip, and we spent a half a day trying to get through to my doctor to refill my antibiotics.  So, now here I am, after another 8 days on abx (10 days for the first round), and I am still horribly sick - still very congested plus totally exhausted.  Of course, despite being so sick, I just kept going and pushing myself.  I didn't want to miss out on anything or ruin my family's vacation.  And I DID enjoy it, but I know I pushed way too far.

So, I am trying to rest, though it's hard with so much to do.  I suspect I will be back at the doctor's office when they re-open after the holiday weekend.

I probably won't be posting much this weekend, but in the meantime, please feel free to take a look at our family trip blog if you'd like to see pictures of how we spent the past 3 weeks.  If you scroll down to June 10, 2011, you can see the posts in order.

Enjoy the holiday weekend - I missed you guys!


  1. Glad you had fun. It sucks that you contracted bronchitis. Rest, rest, rest!

  2. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Welcome back. Sending you hugs, prayers and love for a full and quick recovery.

    I covered the story for August on BV4ME so you don't have to worry. August will work fine.

    As you always tell me, restorative rest, rest, rest! (wink)

  3. I'm so sorry that you aren't feeling well!

    I definitely know what it is like to have had a great trip, but still not have felt/don't feel well afterward. I'm glad you had a good trip even though you ended up getting sick again!

    Rest well! You're in my thoughts.


  4. I looked at all the pictures and loved them. I didn't know you were sick before you left or on the trip. I'm so sorry. It must have been stressful, but you were such a trooper to not wanting to ruin the family's vacation.

    As others have said here: rest, rest, rest.

    Love to you,

  5. I'm glad that you had a great vacation. Now you need a vacation from the vacation. LOL... Please rest and take care of yourself.

  6. Welcome back- we missed you! Glad you had a good vacation. Now, get some rest :)

  7. Welcome back. So glad you were able to go and that you all got home safely. Three weeks is a long sounds like you had a wonderful time in spite of being so sick.

    Hope and pray you get well soon!