Monday, July 11, 2011

Movie Monday 7/11

I better hurry....I'm running out of Monday!

Very hectic day.  My husband had his first-ever colonoscopy today, so I had to take him which made for a long morning of waiting (everything is good and he doesn't have to go back for 10 years).  That, plus running my younger son and his friends all over town pretty much wore me out.  And I didn't get my usual Monday blog time either!

So, movies.  Since we returned from vacation last week, we have watched a few oldies but goodies - all movies Ken and I had seen before (some many years ago) but new to the kids:
  • We ate at a Bubba Gump's restaurant in California, so we decided the kids needed to see Forrest Gump when we got home so they'd understand all the memorobilia and sayings they saw.  The movie is a cultural icon; it's just so clever.  We all enjoyed it and laughed a lot (and I cried!). 
  • At the urging of a 92-year old woman we met in California (my aunt runs a care home), we watched Cocoon with the kids when we got home.  They weren't too thrilled with my description of the movie (it's hard to describe without giving too much away) but ended up loving it.  Another very clever, funny, heart-warming movie.  They just loved the old people (but of course, if you say it's a movie about old people, it sounds really boring).
  • Tonight, we watched Ghost Town, a very funny romantic comedy.  Again, I had trouble convincing the kids it was good (you'd think they'd trust me by now!), but when they saw it starred Ricky Gervais, they were sold.  They ended up loving it.  Gervais is absolutely hilarious in this movie as a socially inept dentist who can see dead people.  Greg Kinnear and Tea Leoni are also great in it.
How about you - have you seen any good movies lately?


  1. saw Larry Crowne. It was cute! Def watch it on a matinee not full price though

  2. I've been wanting to see Larry Crowne - it looks good. Tom Hanks is great.


  3. Sounds like you had a wild day!

    I didn't know there was a Bubba Gump resturant! How fun!!

    Hope you got your nap in:)


  4. Bubba Gump Shrimp is a whole nationwide chain now! I'm not very fond of chain restaurants, but the movie memorabilia was cool.