Friday, July 15, 2011

Summertime and the Living is...Crazy?

Whew.  Isn't summer supposed to be relaxed and easy?  Vacation was nice, with no to-do list or errands to run, but ever since we returned, I feel like I've been running on a giant gerbil wheel!

The kids and I have been running non-stop with doctor's appointments, shopping, errands, etc.  And most of what is keeping me so busy is all stuff that needs to be done again and again, so it doesn't seem like I'm actually making any forward progress - gerbil wheel, remember?  I've hardly done anything at all with respect to writing (supposedly my job!) since I got back.

Also, my sons are both teenagers now, so they're less content to just play here at the house with their friends.  My youngest has been needing rides all over town ever since we got back.  The only good aspect of this is that my oldest can now drive himself, so he has been helping with the taxi service a bit and taking care of his own driving needs.

So, the boys are out right now, and I am enjoying this rare moment of quiet solitude.  They went to Gamestop to buy a new game with some gift cards they had, and I am thrilled that I do not have to accompany them on this mission!  I am really missing my quiet, productive mornings to myself that I enjoy during the school year.

On the other hand, it is a huge relief to us not to have to worry about my oldest feeling well enough to go to school or how he will ever make-up all the work he's missed.  Summer is a lovely respite from all that anxiety, when he can just lie on the couch and spend a day watching movies whenever he needs to.  It's also nice having a break from homework, which makes our evenings stressful.  When your kids have to be in bed by 8 pm (and sometimes come home from school exhausted), it can be a challenge to fit in hours of homework, along with soccer and after-school activities.  And I don't have to get up at 7 am every day (nor my husband at 6 am). 

There are definite advantages to summertime.  I just need to find some time (or make some time) to relax and take care of myself.  The boys will be spending a week on their grandparents' sailboat soon, and I am looking forward to that week alone, when I can rest up and maybe even catch up.

Well, it's 11:30 am on a Friday, so I have decided that I am off-duty for the weekend!  Well, at least until tomorrow morning when we have a college visit with Jamie...


  1. Vaca leaves me running on empty & re-adjusting for what seems like weeks!

  2. Since it took me an hour to muster up enough energy to get up out of the chair today and head to the kitchen??? YOUR schedule seems impossible and exhausting for anyone who is healthy let alone sick with CFS/ME. Yikes. So glad you are getting a break now...enjoy it!!!

  3. I got up at my usual 11am and sat on the couch with my cat for the next three hours falling asleep over and over again. Could not keep my eyes open. I did manage to catch most of Obama's speech and some of my soap opera but I could never do what you do in a day. I must admit I'm slightly jealous.

  4. Oh, I guess I have been able to do quite a bit...which of course, I am very grateful for. I didn't mean to sound insensitive to those whose CFS keeps them housebound.

    What I didn't explain in this post is that the busy-ness just applies to my mornings....I'm wiped out in the afternoons, spending my time napping and resting on the couch...though there are still lots of teen boys hanging out here, so it never really feels quiet or relaxing!


  5. It's funny that you wrote this. I'm working on a blog post about how summer used to be my favorite season! haha! I have been crazy busy too. I had family visiting from IL a week before we left for our Maine vacation. Then more family stuff right after my trip. This week I've definitely enjoyed some quiet, couch days!I'm bracing myself for the stress of moving soon! Ahhh!!

    Enjoy any moment of peace and quiet that you can get. Savor it!

  6. Amazing at all you get done.

    So happy for you that you are able!

    Blessings to you,

  7. I'm the same way Sue...if it doesn't get done before noon...then it doesn't get done. I rest most afternoons too.
    Are you on twitter? i'm FibroTiger

  8. I haven't tried Twitter yet, Hobbz - I already feel overloaded trying to keep up with blogs, e-mail, etc.!!