Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yeastie Beasties

Another busy week with no time for blogging!  We have a long weekend coming up with my extended family, so lots of work to do to get ready and packed.

I'm way behind here.  I've been meaning to bring you up-to-date on all sorts of things here, including our current battle against yeast overgrowth.

As you know, Jamie and I both have Lyme disease as well as ME/CFS.  In fact, Jamie has 3 tick-borne illnesses: Lyme, bartonella, and babesia.  So, we have both been on heavy-duty antibiotics for a long time (a year for Jamie and almost three years now for me).  Since antibiotics kill off all kinds of bacteria - both the good stuff in the intestines as well as the bad stuff - yeast overgrowth is always a possibility.

I've had almost three years on high-dose doxcycline with no signs of trouble at all.  I doubled my dose of probiotic when I started the antibiotics, and that seemed to do the trick for me.  I also take oregano and olive leaf, both of which are potent anti-fungals (as well as anti-virals and antibiotics).  Then, two weeks ago, I added another antibiotic, Flagyl, and within a few days, I noticed thrush on my tongue! 

As for Jamie, he has struggled with yeast overgrowth for at least 6 months.  I think his time on high-dose Zithromax is what did it (though it did help with his bartonella).  We noticed on our vacation in June that the thrush in his mouth had gotten pretty severe.  He was also experiencing other symptoms that our Lyme doctor told us were due to yeast overgrowth (terrible aches in his legs and weird itchiness on the undersides of his arms).

So, here's what we are taking each day to help combat yeast overgrowth:
  • 4 Culturelle (a probiotic, contains lactobacillus)
  • 4 Saccharomyces Boulardii (a probiotic that specifically targets yeast, recommended by our Lyme doctor)
  • 4 New Chapter All-Flora - me only (my usual probiotic, includes 9 varieties, non-dairy)
  • Olive leaf extract (4 for me, 2 for Jamie)
  • 2 ADP (emulsified oregano)
  • Drinking clove tea (me only, a friend recommended it)
With all of that, it still wasn't going away.  Jamie's improved a lot, but there was still some mild thrush.  I expected mine to go away easily since it had just started, but it's only slightly better.  So, last Monday, I called the Lyme doctor, and he also prescribed:
  • 100 mg Diflucan, a prescription anti-fungal, for both of us.
Jamie's continues to get better.  Mine is still hanging in there!

So, that's our latest battle.  Just what we needed, more bugs to fight, right?  I'm interested to hear about others' experiences with yeast overgrowth, and would love to hear any tips on how to get rid of it.


  1. Oh, boy. That yeast is a nasty beast~ you are so right. Joel has had to take diflucon/flconazole for a long time. He took it just days a week along with lots of probiotics. He also got a yeastg infection under his skin causing the ends of his toes to hurt. I took an herbal treatment with lots of probiotics too. Right now I am still having yeast issues slightly so am ramping up the probiotics and cutting down on fruit. We have always been able to have only 2 serving of fruit a day....but I had been having more. We took the saccrymyacess too and I am getting it again next time I go to the LLMD. Cumanda also helps as an antifungal along with Red Root but both also kill the bugs so causing herxing.
    Hopefully someone else will have more to help you with. Sure seems like you are using a lot of stuff and the fluconazole should work soon. It is powerful stuff...just hard on the liver.

  2. Thanks for all the info, Renee! I figured you and Joel had dealt with this, too. I escaped it for the first 3 years! I'll look into Red Root and Cumanda...I suppose mostly, I need to be patient...not my best trait!

    As for the liver, Jamie and I take so many supplements and meds that we always take 2 milk thistle a day to help our livers process all that stuff. That's supposed to help.

    I've been trying to stick to 2 servings of fruit a day, too - I read that was OK. I don't really eat a lot of sugar normally - a very occasional ice cream or dessert but mostly just fruit....and my one square of dark chocolate a day!


  3. The thing that made a difference for me was cutting nearly all sugar and processed carbs out of my diet as well as eating extra garlic, ginger and coconut products ... the diflucan was good but didn't seem to be able to shift the yeast on its own ...

  4. So sorry to hear that. They are so hard to get rid of. I have a skin yeast rash that just won't go away. I heard that this is common with fibro since it somehow compromises the skin. Mine isn't antibiotic related. Doc has me on the strongest antifungal cream he has and all it does is keep the rash from spreading. I almost got rid of it at one point but my CFS took a turn for the worse and it came back with a vengeance. I'm not taking anything by mouth yet. Not sure if the stuff you use would work for a skin problem but it might be worth a try. I might use some Olive leaf. How do you take the oregano??

  5. Lee Lee -

    I really don't eat much sugar and almost no white flour at all. I did give up my morning orange juice (which I love!). We eat lots of fresh fruit, but I heard that up to 2 pieces of fresh fruit a day is OK when fighting yeast, so I've been trying to limit myself. I often have 1 small square of extra-dark chocolate at night but not much sugar in that. I may need to examine my diet more closely and get even stricter. Thanks for the tip!


  6. Baffled -

    They're oregano pills! Available anywhere supplements are sold. Both olive leaf extract and oregano are potent anti-fungals, and yes, taking them orally will help your skin.

    Regular oregano pills upset my stomach. Our Lyme doctor recommended ADP. It's emulsified oregano and doesn't bother my stomach at all. Here's where I buy mine:


  7. I take a probodic everyday. However, I have ran out. I think it helps w/ the fatigue. Good Luck!!!

  8. Good to know about the emulsified oregano. Everything seems to upset my stomach these days. I'm actually considering going on a Paleo style diet and starting to use raw milk products and grass fed beef. I already eat GF and organic but I think I'm going to bump it up another notch.

  9. Sue, the more I learn about what you're dealing with the more I'm impressed with your ability to be such a blogging presence. You are one tough cookie! I have just posted a link to a nutritionist's powerpoint on cfids (not yeast infection sorry) from here in Oz. It's the basic stuff and I'm sure you know it all but I like to read things just to refresh my mind sometimes - and see what I agree and disagree about! Also I think I've fixed the feed issue at last! Life gets busy as I know you understand! Hope you have a great weekend.

  10. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Ever tried Candidase by Enzymedica? It works by dissolving the protective coating around the yeast.


  11. Anonymous3:55 PM


    Love, Judy

  12. Sorry you are having to fight that!Hope and pray it goes away soon!


  13. Oh.... No!! Not a yeast over growth. It took me many years to find out I had candida. When I did, Doctors Poopooed me.

    I ended up treating myself. I am healed of the candida but from having systemic candida, I have a lot of other problems I am working on.

    I found I couldn't get rid of candida until I killed a lot of parasites. It seems candida and parasites go hand in hand.
    Hope the fluconazole works for you.

  14. Hi, i only just found your blog -its really excellent! i have M.E and so does my 17 year old daughter, although she has recovered a fair amount in the last year.
    I had terrible systemic candida and the only thing that worked for me was a very strict ant candida diet NO sugar at all, No friut at all for 6 weeks then only one a day and NO bananas also no bread or yeast based products, caffeine or alcohol etc. Then took micropryl(caprylic acid) alternated that with garlic capsules, grew my own kefir and took probiotics.Did that for about a year and it went away. Now i can eat a bit more fruit and occassional sugar.
    Good luck with it all!

  15. Anonymous6:05 PM


    I swear by Virgin Coconut oil to keep away candida. I stopped taking it for a few months and candida came back, which for me means worse brain fog and body weakness, sometimes dizziness. I'm going to always take VCO from now on. Good luck getting rid of it! I also find I can't get away with much fruit, just some berries now and then. I hope you can work it out without too may dietary disruptions.