Monday, September 26, 2011

Movie Monday 9/26

Despite such a rough week last week, we ended up having a very nice weekend - just the right balance between getting stuff done and enjoying some quiet family time.  Jamie was feeling a bit better Saturday and Sunday and was able to have friends over for a couple of hours each day, so that perked him up quite a bit.  He still needed a good bit of downtime, so we took advantage of that and watched some great movies:
  • Friday night, we all watched Limitless, about a very cool sort of sci fi concept.  A newly developed pill allows the person who takes it to use ALL of his/her brain (instead of the 20% scientists estimate we normally use), which results in some amazing brain power!  The main character, played by Bradley Cooper, becomes very successful taking the pills but gradually discovers there's a price to pay.  We all enjoyed it, and Jamie and I agreed that CFS is like the complete opposite of taking that pill!
  • I went back to Redbox Saturday night, and we watched Source Code, another movie based on a very cool sci fi concept.  Jake Gyllenhaal is trapped in a loop, replaying the same 8 minutes over and over again, to try to prevent a terrorist from setting off a huge bomb on a train.  It's like a fast-paced, high stakes Groundhog Day.  We all loved this one, too - great suspense.
  • Ken and I watched Adventureland after the kids went to bed and really enjoyed that one, too.  Set in 1987, recent college graduate James (played by Jesse Eisenberg of The Social Network fame) is forced to return home to Pittsburgh for the summer when his trip to Europe falls through.  He's not only stuck with his parents but also with a rotten job, manning the carnival games at a local amusement park.  The only thing that saves his summer is his pretty co-worker, played by Kristen Stewart, but things with her are complicated.  I loved the setting, the time, and the music (I graduated in 1987, too!).  There are funny moments in the movie, but it's also got some depth.  Lots of fun.
Have you seen any good movies lately?


  1. Sue,
    So glad to hear people are feeling a bit better now. That is good news.

    I haven't watched any movies this week. We are enjoying some of the premiers of the shows we usually watch tho.

    Hope you all continue to feel better:)


  2. Sounds like a good weekend all around. Yahoo! Joel and I watched Secretariet on Sat. night. Really liked it. We both like Diane Lane so much anyway.

  3. Thanks, Elaine - Jamie did make it to school today but is now totally wiped out again, so we'll see what this week begins.

    We've been having fun watching the new TV premiers, too! Last week was Glee and Grey's Anatomy. We taped Amazing Race last night.


  4. Renee -

    We haven't seen Secretariat yet - I'll have to add it to our list!

  5. I'm glad to hear that there are some improvements in the house. I pray that it continues.

  6. I watched Source Code on the way back from Japan...great movie for helping the time pass! I'm still a bit vague about the theory behind how it worked but that's ok!
    Glee has just started again here daughter and I aren't too sure about Blaine not being with The Warblers anymore but I guess it will all become clear! (Because I try to be a good Mum of a PWC - ie: creating 'happy' vibes - I have seen the Glee Movie 3D that's commitment! - Okay so maybe I enjoyed it a little...) : )

  7. I've become a total Gleek, Annie! Our whole family watches it together and loves it. Sometimes, I just get chills when they sing and perform a great song. I have seen the wedding episode 3 times and have cried every time! Told you I'm a total Gleek...

    But we haven't seen the movie yet - we don't get to the theater much but may have to check that one out.


  8. BTW were you able to catch The Glee Project which was the competition to win a part in Glee? Was on Fox 8 via pay TV here. I think I almost enjoyed it more than Glee! Don't know if you can get it online or anything if you've missed it...and also I guess may be spoilt by seeing the winner pop up on Glee...but if you could get it watched fairly quickly might work! V addictive and lots of great singing...I think you'd all enjoy it!
    What I love about Glee is that my daughter gets into songs that were MY teenage songs. Such a nice thing to share, especially at this time. Okay I really should get back to offline life again, just remembered to write this!

  9. Annie -

    Yes, we did watch some episodes of The Glee Project. My youngest son (who is in both band and chorus) especially liked it. It was available free here On Demand. My son is very upset that much of the Glee cast are seniors and will be graduating at the end of the season - he keeps saying - "they can't do that!" Totally is a fun thing to share.

    We also like to watch The Amazing Race as a family and root for our favorite teams.


  10. Yes we got into the last Amazing Race was the first Australian one and featured some very cool farmer boys from Queensland as well as two blonde Melbourne model girls and two surfer /model boys..all of whom were in the final 4! Very stereotypical but great fun.
    I am trying to solve the problem I mentioned before which is that the email sent to you when I reply to your comments on my page gets blocked by comcast because it resembles spam. I am onto it but in the meantime just wanted to let you know that you won't be getting the follow up comments even though there are some. I will try to reply on your blog instead until I get it fixed. : )