Monday, September 05, 2011

Movie Monday 9/5

As predicted on Friday, we had a quiet weekend at home, helping Jamie to rest.  I wish I could say he is now in good shape, but he's still spending most of his time on the couch, a full week after his oral surgery.  There has been some improvement - he's sitting up more, he says his mind feels more clear, and he's certainly acting more like himself.  Saturday night, my husband said, "The spark is back in his eyes."  And last night, he joined us at the dinner table for an hour for an end-of-summer crab feast.  Still, it's not looking likely that he'll be able to attend school tomorrow...or perhaps at all this year.  We are still hoping that some new treatments might help get him back on his feet.

So, we took it easy this weekend and watched lots of TV and movies with Jamie.  I'm having trouble remembering everything we watched right now (!), but I'll try:
  • Just to cheer ourselves up on Friday morning, after canceling our weekend trip, we all watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  We've all seen it before, but that only makes it funnier!  Just what we needed to get our minds off our troubles and laugh.
  • Jamie watched Salt starring Angela Jolie, a great spy thriller that Ken and I had already seen.  He'd wanted to see it for a while, so was happy when I brought it home from the library.  Its twisty-turny plot keeps you guessing right till the end.
  • Ken and I watched The DaVinci Code with Jamie while Craig was out with friends.  We'd seen it before, but I knew Jamie would love the suspenseful, clever thriller (and he did).  Made me realize I need to read Dan Brown's other novels that have been sitting on my to-be-read shelf for a long time.
  • Craig had a friend sleep over last night, so Ken, Jamie, and I watched I Am Number Four, a sci fi thriller based on a popular YA novel.  It was excellent: well-acted, exciting, and fast-paced.  When it was over, Jamie said, "I have to read the book now!  And the sequel!"  The sequel, The Power of Six, was just released last week (in hardcover).
  • While I napped today, Ken and Jamie watched Battle: Los Angeles about aliens invading earth.  From what I could tell, the title was accurate - lots of battle sounds!  I think they both enjoyed it.
In between, we continued our marathon of Bones, introduced the kids to the classic sitcom, Taxi, and watched a few episodes of Mad Men (Ken and I).

Have you seen any good movies lately?

(If you are also interested in what our family is reading this week, check out my book blog).


  1. Sounds like a movie marathon at your home...those are fun! We watched Soul Surfer with Dennis Quaid, Helen Hunt and Carrie Underwood. I liked it. It was a PG movie and had a good message and of course was a true story..Otherwise we are just enjoying the fall like weather here and being able to have windows open!

  2. Sorry to read Jamie is still not too good! ((HUGS)))
    I've had a small taste of what it must be like for you - with me being sick with flu too & caring for a sick family - I take my hat off to you.

    We have watched lots of videos - it passes the time when kids not up to doing much aye.

    James loved Paul & also Battle: Los Angeles this week.
    We just finished prison Break - your boys might also like that. - we did

    Love to all

  3. Hope and pray all will continue to improve and Jamie will be able to attend school. I can't imagine how hard it must be for the boys. And for you as parents. Teenagers have enough troubles without having health issues to deal with.

    I imagine movies will be in our future too.


  4. Good to hear Jamie is improving. I'm sure he will continue to perk up as all the crap gets out of his system and his body catches up on rest.

    Glad to hear Salt was good. It is on my to watch list. Love Ferris and I've seen DeVinci several times now. Love it!

    I saw an interesting French movie Queen to Play. It is in French with subtitles and is a slower paced movie to do with Chess. I think you would like it but it wouldn't interest the boys. A bit too cerebral. I enjoyed it a lot.

    Saw a bad ballet movie which I can't remember the title of. I would have loved it if I were a teenage girl. Lots of great dancing which I did love. Only one unpredictable plot twist. Most of it was very predictable though. I liked the dancing.

    I also watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I think I'm going to have to watch these again in order. I had trouble tracking some of the references. This one was darker than the others. I loved the effects.

    Mostly I've been watching Mad Men and Enterprise.

  5. We *love* Ferris Bueller's Day Off. It is a real classic. I really liked Salt. A good story. I really liked The Da Vinci Code book when I first read it but thought the film was awful, tedious.

    I watched Russell Crowe's The Next Three Days (again!) this week. It is among my absolute favourite films from recent years.

    I also watched I'm Still Here, a hoax documentary with Joaquin Phoenix. It is terrible and should be avoided like the plague. A painful watch,

    I hope that your son starts to show some improvements soon.

  6. Soul Surfer is definitely on our list of movies to watch, Renee! Good to hear you enjoyed it.

    Leanne -
    Thanks for your kind words! Yes, it can be a challenge with multiple people sick in the house. Some times (like recently) are harder than others. Thanks for the movie recommendation!


  7. Baffled - I think my husband and I might enjoy Queen to Play - thanks for passing it along!

    Chris -
    I think DaVinci Code is a better movie if you haven't read the book! I have added The Next Three Days to our list - thanks!