Monday, May 07, 2012

Movie Monday 5/7

It's been many weeks (months?) since I've written a Movie Monday post simply because we've just been too busy for movies.  It's that time of year - the frantic rush toward the end of the school year.  But Jamie and I were both badly crashed on Saturday, so we took it easy.

Jamie did make it to his prom Friday night, and he said it was awesome!  He had a great time with his date and his friends, even danced a bit, and made it all the way to 12:30 am.  He didn't make it to the After Prom party (lots of schools do this now, to discourage the kind of wild carousing we did after our prom back in the day!), but both he and his date (a friend) had a good time. 

He called us at 12:30 am to come pick him up - he'd hung on long enough to drive her home but then felt too exhausted and nauseous to drive back to our house.  So, Ken and I leapt into action, jumped out of bed and drove across town to bring home both him and the car.  I was, of course, also exhausted and nauseous in the middle of the night!  But I didn't mind at all.  We were glad he did the smart thing and called us when he reached his limit.  I was thinking on the way home that I would go anywhere, anytime, to help keep him safe.  It's just part of being a parent.

He is still badly crashed, but we are glad he didn't miss out on this milestone experience, especially after missing so much else during his senior year of high school.  I am doing better, though a bit run down today after a busy day yesterday.

So, on Saturday evening, Jamie, Ken and I (Craig was out with friends, as usual!) relaxed with a movie we've all been wanting to see for a while:
  • The Muppets!  We are big Muppet fans from way back.  Of course I watched Sesame Street as a little kid and The Muppet Show in the 80's, but my kids know the Muppets well, too, from their many movies which were favorites in our house.  The new movie was very good - just the kind of happy, uplifting, light-hearted fare we needed on a bad crash day!  A fun-filled movie, with all the bad jokes, celebrity cameos, and great songs that the Muppets are known for.
Here's one of my favorite scenes from the movie, when the chickens "cluck" Forget You - hilarious!

Have you seen any good movies lately?


  1. WONDERFUL SUE!!!!!!!!!!!! They look fabulous!

  2. So glad Jamie was able to go to prom! How fun for him!!! Hope he recovers soon.....Joel and I watched The Descendents which had terrible language but some good thoughts on how families interact. We saw Bed and Breakfast Sat. night...whoa...really really slow and B- stuff but good for me who was pretty wired already.

    1. I really want to see The Descendants, Renee, but living in a house with teen boys, I don't get my first choice of movies very often! Haven't heard of Bed and Breakfast before.


  3. I'm so glad he made it to the prom!!!

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  5. That's great Jamie made it to prom! And he'll have those memories forever despite the payback (which I hope doesn't last too long).
    Good to know the Muppets was great. Might be something to enjoy while I'm in my own 'payback' crash.

  6. I'm so happy Jamie made it to his prom! Woohoo!!

    I haven't seen The Muppets in years but I know I loved it. My Mum has been visiting so we watched a couple of good movies together: Larry Crowne with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts and Fool's Gold with Mathew Maconahay (sp?). The kids would like Fool's Gold since it is essentially a funny heist movie with a romance on the side. It was recommended to my by a guy friend so it is male approved. Larry Crowne was good but more of a chick flick.

    1. Ken and I liked Larry Crowne, too!

      The movie we saw this weekend is the NEW Muppets movie, just out a few months ago, though I also love the original!