Monday, October 15, 2012

Movie Monday 10/15

Still struggling a bit here.  Craig finally went back to school today, three weeks after his knee surgery!  I know I said the same thing last Monday, but that was short-lived.  One day on crutches at school, and he was totally wiped out the rest of the week.  He seems more fully himself now and even has a friend over this evening for a school project, so hopefully tomorrow's check-up with his surgeon will bring good news. 

However, now Jamie is home sick!  He seems to have been exposed to one of the many viruses going around at school and is in a bad crash.  The good news is that he went 7 full weeks of college without missing a single class (!)...but now, of course, what we all knew was coming has arrived - the unpredictable crashes of virus season.  He is worried about his classes and deadlines he can't meet, so I am trying to help him learn how to communicate with his professors and explain the effects of CFS.  He talked to each of them at the start of the semester, but that first big crash of the school year is always a challenge.  For now, he's here at home, resting and catching up on all the TV he's missed while away!

Surprisingly, with all this downtime, we haven't watched many movies this week.  Craig was preferring TV shows last week and also had a hankering for some old favorite Halloween movies from Disney Channel (comfort TV!) that I grabbed for him at the library.  We did however watch another old comedy, continuing our streak from last week:

While Ken was out golfing, Craig and I watched Stripes, starring Bill Murray and John Candy.  Craig is a fan of both actors from classics like Planes, Trains and Automobiles and Groundhog Day.  As expected, he loved the silly comedy, though I had forgotten how much nudity was in it!  I think we may have gotten an extended version from the library - I don't remember quite that much nudity in it when I saw it in the theater in the 80's!  Anyway, we enjoyed the laughs.

Ken and I are still enjoying past seasons of The Good Wife and Treme, both excellent shows.  As a family, we are watching Bones, Glee, and Revolution each week.

Have you seen any good movies or TV this week?

(If you are also interested in what we are reading, check out the Monday post on my book blog.  And this week, I also posted about what I was cooking this weekend!)


  1. hi sue - that flu season at college hits even the healthiest of kids - so glad he made it seven weeks - i don't know if this helps but i have found i no longer say i have chronic fatigue - i may say - i have what is currently called chronic fatigue but more aptly named neuro-endocrine-immune disorder - its amazing what a different response you get and i feel it immediately helps those that are not familiar at all more quickly gain an understanding - wishing you all the best - heather

    1. I always take a similar approach, Heather! My usual line is "I have an immune system disorder that is known in the US as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome."

      In coaching Jamie yesterday through his e-mails to professors, I advised him to use that same phrase - immune system disorder. I think it is something easily understood by most people, accurate, and explains why a simple virus like a cold could knock him out.

      Maybe someday we will have a REAL name!! Thanks for the support -