Thursday, March 14, 2013

Exciting New ME/CFS Research Looks At Infections

I am way behind in reading up on recent ME/CFS research, just like I am behind in everything else these days! So, this update was posted on Phoenix Rising back in February, but I am glad I kept it sitting open on my desktop all this time!

Ian Lipkin, a superstar in the research world of viruses who worked on the XMRV lead, is heading up a new research initiative to try to uncover the cause of ME/CFS. They already have 400 CFS patients enrolled in the study with 400 healthy controls, and that number by double by the end. They are using advanced methods to search for likely pathogen candidates, plus looking for protein and immune abnormalities that could point to previously undiscovered pathogens.

The details are summarized in this excellent article on Phoenix Rising in simple, easy-to-understand terms (there's even a nifty diagram!). Check it out.

So, rejoice! Perhaps by the end of this year we'll have answers to some of the many questions those of us with ME/CFS face - exciting times!!


  1. It is very hopeful Sue, isn't it. Particularly the size of the study and the people involved. Couldn't happen too soon. :-)

  2. I hope so, it seems like there is always "something" and none of it has panned out yet. I guess I'm not holding my breath. At the same time, I keep thinking our time will come, it has to eventually.