Monday, March 18, 2013

Movie Monday 3/18

We had a long and tiring weekend. My dad and his wife were visiting, and we spent all day Saturday at my uncle's funeral nearby. Visiting hours in the morning, church service at noon, graveside service at 1:30, and finally, lunch at 2:30. Believe it or not, I managed the whole thing (with the help of snacks in my purse and a big, salty V-8 juice before church). We finally got home at 4:30 and I went right to bed - very late for my nap, but I slept soundly until 6pm. I probably could have just slept all night if we didn't have guests who were waiting for dinner! I was totally useless by that point - limp as a wet noodle - so we ordered pizza and watched a DVD in the recliners (our family room is now ALL recliners - love it!) Surprisingly, I wasn't in too bad of shape on Sunday or today, just very tired (still). So, here's what we watched:

Ken picked out Total Recall from the Redbox. This is a remake of the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi action flick from 1990. This new one stars Colin Farrell as Douglas Quaid, a factory worker living in a dystopian future where chemical warfare has made most of the earth uninhabitable, except for the United Federation of Britain and The Colony (Australia). People travel between the two via a super high speed train that travels through the center of the earth along a tunnel. Douglas commutes to UFOB each day for his job working the assembly line for police robots. He loves his wife but is fed up with his dead-end job (you would be, too, in this depressingly bleak world). He gets lured in by an ad for Rekall, a service that implants fake memories in your brain so that you can have whatever past you dream up for yourself. He chooses secret agent, but the process is aborted when it is discovered that he really was a secret agent in his past. Things get confusing from there, as Douglas is pursued by government agents and police, though he still can't remember this past life they claim he had. This is a very fast-paced movie with plenty of action. The females among us thought it was good but a bit too action-y, but the males (my husband son, and father) all loved the chases and fights. I have to admit that seeing a car chase with floating mag cars was something new!  I did enjoy the sci-fi plot, too. Lots of suspense and a pulse-pounding pace kept us all on the edge of our seats.

Have you seen any good movies lately?


  1. Hi Sue, this may be a silly question, but what do you do to nap? I have laid down to rest twice a day every day for 8 months and I can't fall asleep. I don't sleep at night either- it's my biggest problem- bit, if I could at least nap, I'd be getting ahead of the curve. Thanks for the advice!

    Elizabethmilo dot com

    1. It's not at all a silly question! Here are my keys to a good nap - and I fall asleep every single afternoon:
      - Warm feet - seriously, I read a study and it really works - put on warm socks at naptime, and it makes you sleepy.

      - I take 2 Valerian, a supplement that makes you drowsy - it's very mild, like drinking a cup of chamomile tea - in fact, that's another good idea - a warm cup of chamomile before your nap.

      - I lie down at the same time every day, after lunch - the food makes me sleepy and you get used to the routine after a while.

      Also, to correct your sleep dysfunction at night, read this post:

      My son and I both get sound, deep sleep every night with this approach.

      Good luck!


  2. Thank you so much for the reply! I started and stopped valerian last week for the first time (it caused diarrhea), but I think I will experiment with changing my rest times so that I have an hour after lunch to possibly drift off.

    Warm feet! Brilliant. Also, your sleep post is SO helpful. I went to the sleep doctor ready to FINALLY try an antidepressant, but we are trying a few more things first.


    Thanks again!