Monday, June 10, 2013

Movie Monday 6/10

Whew - a long and difficult week here - school ended on Thursday for our 15-year old son, and he had knee surgery on Friday. I knew it would be a long day for all of us, but it turned out even longer than we'd anticipated - a real marathon for someone with ME/CFS! He was scheduled for surgery at 11 am, so we got to the hospital at 9 am, as directed. There was some kind of emergency involving our surgeon, and he never got to our son until 5 in the evening! By then, he'd been without food or water for almost 24 hours, and we were all exhausted. He ended up spending the night, and we had another long day at the hospital on Saturday, trying to get him discharged.

So, not much time for movies last week, but my husband and I watched a DVD Thursday night while our sons were out with friends:

We watched The Oranges, starring Hugh Laurie (of House fame), one of our favorite actors. This is a somewhat quirky movie, about two families in East Orange, NJ, who have lived across the street from each other for decades and are close friends. Close that is, until the husband in one family (Laurie) has an affair with the 24-year old daughter from the other, which sends all of them into chaos. There are lots of funny moments in the movie, but it is also sincere and heartfelt, delving into issues of family, friendships, and happiness. It's fun, lively, and entertaining with a talented cast.

Have you seen any good movies lately?


  1. Oh dear! So sorry to hear about such a long ordeal! I hope he is getting some much needed rest and recovering now. (And, I hope you're able to get some much needed rest too!)

  2. Movies with suboptimal health components: I found Silver Linings Playbook an easy mellow watch. And The Island had a interesting sci-fi concept on health. Avatar was visually stunning.

    For couples-themed comedies, Identity Thief was fun. I enjoyed Couples Retreat and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, (because of the tropical scenery?), with a mix of touching and funny moments, though in FSM I could do without the comedic nudity/sex scenes (NOT a movie I would watch with kids).

    For family movies: I'm not a zombie fan but in Warm Bodies they weren't too gross. All the Antonio Banderas Zorro movies have action and comedy.

    For action movies: I liked The Interpreter, The Negotiator, Inside Man, Entrapment, Mr & Mrs Smith and The Score.

    For biographies: Walk the Line

    For animation: Finding Nemo (I love Ellen!)