Monday, January 27, 2014

Movie Monday 1/27

Despite our exhausting week and recovery weekend, we didn't watch a lot of movies. Since my 16-year old son had knee surgery on Thursday, we let him choose what to do or watch, and he's not a big fan of movies. Even post-surgery, he gets impatient with being inactive and doesn't like like to just "veg," so he would rather play video games. However, on his first day home, he was exhausted enough to sit still for a movie with us, so I chose something light and fun, to perk us all up:

We finally got to see Despicable Me 2! I just love those minions (wish I had some of my own!). This sequel features Steve Carell in the lead role again as Gru, the now-reformed super-villian who is living a quiet life in the suburbs with his adopted daughters. The Anti-Villian League recruits Gru to help them with a particularly troubling case, and he meets a female agent named Lucy. Ah, the plot doesn't really matter - just like the first Despicable Me movie, this one is all about fun and laughs, with plenty of cartoon action, romantic sub-plots, and very mild suspense. And the minions! The scene at the end when the minions are the Village People is the best! This light movie was perfect for us, and it lightened all our moods and inspired lots of hearty laughs - highly recommended during your next down day for some laugh therapy!

On TV, we have been watching Almost Human (new show and excellent), Arrow (my sons' favorite), our old favorite Bones, plus the sitcoms that my youngest loves (two current faves are Brooklyn 99 and The Goldbergs). With our oldest son, we also enjoy Elementary and The Following. My husband and I kind of have all of our own favorites on hold while he is home from college. I hope the episodes we missed are still On Demand.

Have you seen any good movies or TV shows lately?

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  1. I just watch the first Despicable me, it was light and fun…looking forward to number 2 as well :)