Saturday, January 25, 2014


My sons and I are all recovering this weekend. My youngest son had knee surgery (#4) on Thursday, so he is recovering from that. I crashed just from spending most of the day at the hospital with him!  I thought I was doing better this morning and planned to go to the grocery store, but my husband wrestled the list out of my hands and sent me back to the couch! He was right - within a couple of hours, I realized I was still achy and had a sore throat. Sometimes, he knows me better than I know myself. Even after 12 years, I still tend to overestimate what I can do. I am lucky to have him looking out for me!

My oldest son is still struggling to fully come out of the bad crash that started January 2. Actually, he has had a rough time all last semester. He decided to drop his winter session class and just rest and recover, but now there are only two weeks left until spring semester starts. He is definitely doing better, but it doesn't take much to push him over the edge again. I think going to PT yesterday (for a leg injury) was probably why he woke up this morning feeling bad again. He is doing better now, after a nap today and lots of rest. He had to cancel plans with friends to go to a concert today, so he was disappointed about that. He and I are both doing better as we address the yeast issues, but we are getting fed up with the sugar-free diet!!

We are hoping our youngest will recover from his surgery pretty quickly. It turned out to be minor and very quick (he was only under anesthesia for about 15 minutes), plus we asked for 12 hours of post-op saline IV to counteract the effects, and he ended up getting more like 20 hours! Fingers crossed. I will keep you up-to-date on how well our strategy works.

So, that is the news with us this weekend - lots of TV and movies and resting (though now I am wiped out again after making dinner). Hope you are having a good weekend!

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  1. hope all of you start to feel better soon.