Saturday, July 12, 2014

Quote It Saturday 7/12

We've been back home for a few days now, though life is still very unsettled. My dad seems to have come through his cancer surgery fairly well and is recovering, though he still has a tough road ahead. We will probably go back to visit him again next week. We returned from our trip to help my father-in-law clean out his house to prepare to move out here near us, but the phone has been ringing constantly with calls from Oklahoma - real estate agent, estate sales people, concerned neighbors, and my father-in-law every 10 minutes or so, worrying about it all! Thankfully, my husband is handling most of that, and it looks like we might have a buyer for the house already, after less than a week.

So, just a brief quote today but one that is very relevant for me this week:
"But when we ignore the body, we are more easily victimized by it."
          - The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera
(you can read my review of the book here)

I wondered yesterday whether I had Lyme disease again because my symptoms were flared up so badly every evening this week. My husband pointed out that I have been under extreme stress this week, traveling and worrying about my dad, plus much more physical exertion than I am used to, cleaning out the house and then flying home (an 8-hour trip through 3 airports). After he calmed me down and I stopped panicking, I realized he was probably right and that I have been feeling fairly good in the mornings and then awful by late afternoon, which points to stress and exertion.

I have been ignoring my body lately and paying the price. I am trying to take it easier today. Thankfully, it is Saturday, so that means less running around for me. My husband kindly took our son to PT, stopped at the grocery store, and will run him to a friend's gathering later. Hopefully, a little rest and TLC will get me back in my normal shape.

Remember to take care of yourself! Hope you are enjoying a relaxing and restful weekend.

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