Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Summary of TV Reviews

After putting together a listing of all of my book reviews and movie reviews from 2015, I decided I should also list the TV shows I have reviewed. All of these lists are available anytime from the tabs along the top of the blog (and will be updated there), but I am also listing my TV reviews here since there aren't many yet (I just started writing TV reviews in September 2015). These are all shows that I or my entire family have enjoyed, arranged by genre. 

What are some of YOUR favorite TV shows?

TV Reviews

KEY: Available for free (or with subscription) from:
AP = Amazon Prime
C = Cable and/or Cable On Demand
I = On network’s own website
N = Netflix
(Offerings from subscription services change all the time, so double-check. Also, some shows are available for an additional fee on Amazon Prime whether you subscribe or not. Most networks offer some episodes of every show for free at their own websites. Check out this post for a comparison of ways to watch TV/services available.)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (also a musical!) (C, I) – The CW
Grace and Frankie (N) - Netflix

The Good Wife (AP, C, I, N) – CBS
Madam Secretary (C, I, N) - CBS
Mr. Robot (C, I) - USA

Dramedy (both Comedy & Drama)
Red Oaks (AP) – Amazon Prime
Transparent (AP) – Amazon Prime
Younger (C, I) – TV Land

5 Days (AP) – BBC
Blindspot (C, I, N) - NBC
Colony (sci fi) (C, I) - USA
How To Get Away with Murder (C, N, I) – ABC
Legends (C, I, N) - TNT
Limitless (C, I) – CBS
The Mysteries of Laura (C, I, N) - NBC
Quantico (C, I) - ABC
The Wire (AP) - HBO

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