Saturday, November 17, 2018

Videos to Watch While Crashed

Still couchbound
I am still here, on the couch - 5 weeks and counting now. This past week was even worse (hence the lack of blog posts), but I am a tiny bit better today so far. Feeling cautiously optimistic that maybe the end of this crash is in sight. I'll discuss my theories and treatments in another post.

Just wanted to share one way that I have spent my time while unable to sit up, write, or do much of anything. I've been watching videos from a recent ME/CFS research symposium, something I kept meaning to do but normally never have time for.

If you are also limited in what you can do, here are some videos relevant to ME/CFS to keep you occupied (and maybe teach you something or even help you with treatments!):
  • Second Annual ME/CFS Community Symposium, jointly sponsored by Stanford and Open Medicine Foundation earlier this fall - this is what I've been watching. It's a playlist, so you can choose which talks to listen to, and this was the day where top doctors and scientists reported on their research projects to the general public, including patients. If you are in need of some hope, the depth and breadth of research, the enthusiasm of the researchers, and the spirit of cooperation will lift your spirits!
  • Bateman Horne Center's series of 6 online classes for ME/CFS patients, covering the diagnosis and management of the primary characteristics of our disease, like sleep dysfunction, orthostatic intolerance, and pain.
  • Solve ME/CFS Initiative's Webinars - there are two new webinars coming up in December that you can sign up for, but you can also watch older webinars here, on topics ranging from school accommodations to research updates to treatment strategies from top doctors.
Hope those help to educate you and keep you busy! I've been stuck on the couch, but I've learned a lot this week!

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