Sunday, May 26, 2019

Weekly Inspiration: Chronic Illness Bloggers

Today, I thought I'd share some inspiration from around the web from other chronic illness bloggers. These wonderful blogs are not all specifically about ME/CFS, but they each have some great tips to share with their fellow chronic illness sufferers. And several of today's picks are about traveling while chronically ill, just in time for vacation season!

Check out:

What To Do When a Doctor Isn't Listening To You from Kate the (Almost) Great, who blogs about her journey with arthritis. My answer to that question would normally be, "Get out of there and never go back!" but Kate has some really great tips to help you get the most out of any doctor's appointment.

Boost Your Belief and Maximise Your Motivation from the ME/CFS Self-Help Guru. Julie is a great writer, with a strong focus on improving your life with chronic illness and finding joy. She was my editor at ProHealth for many years, so I can attest to both her writing abilities and her deep well of inspiring topics. This post is about a FREE 5-day challenge Julie runs that begins Monday, May 27 (tomorrow!). She's gotten some great feedback from this challenge in the past, which you can read about at the link.

Did Your Chronic Illness Insist That You Spend Your Vacation In Bed? from The Disabled Diva. Cynthia lives with multiple chronic illnesses, and this post includes some great travel tips for those with chronic illness to encourage you to go ahead and take that trip you want to go on but to be prepared to take care of your needs on the road. And if you are planning a trip, you can also check out my own guide for Traveling with ME/CFS, with all of the tips that help me to be able to travel.

How To Plan a Wheelchair Accessible Trip from Travel Breathe Repeat, where Sarah, who has a chronic illness, writes about her travels with her husband. This post has some great tips for traveling when you use a wheelchair.

Hope these great blogs and posts provide some inspiration for the new week for you! If you've seen other inspiring blog posts recently (or written one yourself!) please share the link in the comments below.


  1. These are all excellent looking posts I'm going to enjoy reading them. Thank you

    1. You're welcome - lots of great writers collected in this list with some wonderful tips!