Friday, April 21, 2006

Great Expectations

Well, it's Friday, and once again, I've accomplished nothing that I set out to do this week! I'd like to blame this problem on CFIDS, but the truth is that I've been over-estimating my capabilities since the days when I had boundless energy (and still couldn't get "everything" done). I've tried hard to scale back my expectations now, but I'm still planning far more than I am capable of and coming up disappointed.

Here's the list of what I thought we might do during this Spring Break week (keeping in mind that we returned from out of town on Monday night). Seriously, I really wrote these things down last week:
  • Help Craig with Market Day project for school
  • Help Jamie get ready for Greco-Roman Night project
  • Go to craft store for supplies
  • Get boys new shoes
  • Take boys to Target
  • Go bowling (we got a free coupon in the mail)
  • Paint dining room?
Guess what? We didn't do a single thing on this list!! The only evidence of a touch of sanity in this list is the question mark about painting the dining room (since we've only managed to paint 3 rooms in our 11 years in this house). And we will still have to tackle those school projects this weekend.

Looking on the positive side, here are the things we actually did do this week:
  • Unpack & do laundry from trip
  • Buy groceries
  • Go to library for books & DVDs
  • Take old books to used bookstore (including a full shopping bag that had been sitting in our office for over 5 years!), with plenty of time for browsing and using our ample credits
  • Watch "The Sound of Music"
  • Go to a baseball game
  • Make meals & do dishes, ad infinitum
Plus, I rested a lot, and my boys spent several days playing with their friends in the woods behind our house. All in all, a pretty nice week. I don't know if I'll ever get the hang of accurately planning my time, but at least we always seem to have fun!

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