Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Just Do It!

I've really been overwhelmed the past few weeks with all that's going on - family birthdays, writing deadlines, consulting work, and so many school functions! This time of year is always so hectic.

Today, I finally quit procrastinating - a favorite hobby of mine - and did my part for International CFIDS Awareness Day (which was May 12). Every year, I think I'll be able to participate in the CFIDS Association's Lobby Day, but it always falls at this busy time of year when I have no energy to spare. Fortunately, they've made it easy to help out, even for those with CFIDS who are unable to leave their homes.

Just use this link to go to the CFIDS Association's Grass Roots Action Center.

They currently have 5 different actions you can take from your computer. Each one sends letters to different political and media people to help raise awareness of CFIDS and support greater research funding. The CAA provides the letters; all you do is click a few buttons and add your name and address. You can also add a couple of your own sentences that describe how CFIDS has affected your life.

I just took all 5 actions, sent a bunch of letters, and it took less than 10 minutes! You only need to enter your information once, and you can write your couple of sentences once and just paste them into each letter.

It's FAST, it's very easy, and it really does make a difference.

There have been some remarkable advances in research in the past two years, but it won't go anywhere without additional support and funding. So, do your part. Go now....

Just do it!

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