Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New York Times Article

Remember I recently posted about author Anne Ursu? Well, she was quoted in a New York Times article yesterday about the new CFS research. It's a great article, except for the inane comments from Reeves at the CDC - makes me want to reach through the computer and strangle him!

Jamie went back to school this morning, in time for his PSAT - hurray! Craig was starting to feel bad last night, but then I discovered he skipped all his meds yesterday (I slept in because I was so sick). Hopefully, he'll be OK now. I'm a little better - still very low stamina but anything is better than yesterday.


  1. Good article Sue, thanks for sharing it.....CDC....good grief, do they ever get tired of being god of the medicine universe? Must be exhausting to have the only answers!
    Glad to hear you and yours are doing better.

  2. Hi Sue,

    Thanks for sharing this New York Times article. I hadn't seen this one! Good article - except they could've left out the "psychological" references!

    I'm glad you and Jamie are doing better. Jessica took the PSAT today too!


  3. Thanks for posting the article Sue! I'm glad that Jamie made it in time for his PSAT! I'm glad to hear you are feeling a tiny bit better.

    Wishing you a quick recovery...


  4. Hi Sue, I'm glad to see you are improving, let's hope it continues.

    Thanks for this interesting article. I actually think he's right to advise caution. It seems hopeful on the face of it, but until I get a letter inviting me for a blood test I'm going to (try) and keep a balance view.

    Something that does annoy me though is when is mental illness going to be destigmatised? Imagine going to the docs with depression and being told to 'think' your way out of it because it was all in your head?

    So why do people with any illness that is difficult to diagnose feel they have to justify themselves?

    I'm off on one now! Grrrr.

  5. I agree, Jo!!

    And just FYI...the test for this new virus is already available through a lab in Nevada, and the WPI (clinic that did the research) is already at work on an anti-viral "cocktail" of already-available meds to treat it (similar to current treatments for AIDS). This is one study that actually holds real promise for some results in the near future!

    I'll post more when I'm feeling better - still terribly achy with severe sore throat - going to see my doctor today.


  6. That's great news Sue, I get more hopeful as the days pass and more information comes out.