Saturday, October 17, 2009

Quote It Saturday 10/17

October 17? Seriously? I feel like my life is passing me by as I lie on the couch. Doing a little better today and trying not to overdo.

I've been borrowing a weekly theme from my book blog and posting a book quote each Saturday. I'm kind of cheating on today's quote because I haven't actually read the book, but we did watch the movie with the kids last night, and the movie is based on a book, so that counts, right?

Be the hero of your own life story.
- Nim's Island by Wendy Orr

This line was repeated often in the movie (and, I assume, in the book), and it really resonated with me. It encourages you to take responsibility for your own life, challenges and all, and reject a victim mentality. I think this is my new personal motto.

There's another movie I want to share with you - not actually a quote but more of a concept. After the kids went to bed, Ken and I watched the movie Blindness (also based on a book!). Have you seen it? Basically, a strange epidemic hits where people suddenly go blind. It's obvious right away that it's highly contagious, so widespread panic ensues. The government's response is to round up everyone who's gone blind and put them in prison-like detention centers, where they're pretty much forgotten as the outside world freaks out. There's so much effort put into quarantining the blind people that there seems to be no effort at all to examine them or investigate to find the cause of the epidemic. The detention center at the heart of this story ends up going a little Lord of the Flies as food becomes scarce.

So, partway through this movie, I said to Ken, "It's a pretty pessimistic view of humanity and the government, isn't it?" (that's me, the eternal optimist).

Ken said, "Really? You can sit there with CFS and say that? Isn't this exactly what the CDC has done with CFIDS for 20 years?"

"Wow, I guess you're right. We've just been set aside and ignored haven't we? Do you think now that there's some indication there might be an infectious component to it, they'll stick us in detention centers?"

I just thought the parallels were interesting and ironic. It was a good movie, though parts were pretty disturbing. Hope I won't be seeing some of you in an abandoned psych ward anytime soon!


  1. I like your quote alot, Sue, but I am going to choose denial and loudly sing Lalalalala.....when it comes to the movie you watched and the CDC putting us in detention centers. There is the possiblity that this will isolate us even more from those we love and care about as they worry about getting our illnesses! I am with you ~ lets think positive and look for a treatment and cure to be on its way!

  2. I've always thought I was the star in my own soap opera!

    Glad I'm not the only one who's worried about the infectious aspects. Stigma is a kind of prison too.

    Hope you are feeling better.

  3. Hey, if they do put us in detention centers, I look forward to finally meeting you all in person!

    It's a good thing there are private research centers out there and we don't have to rely on the CDC. I'm actually feeling hopeful about the new XMRV information. Dangerous, I know!

    Great quote -- I love it!