Monday, December 21, 2009

Movie Monday 12/21

We spent the weekend in Connecticut celebrating Christmas with my mom and her husband and my sister, brother-in-law, and niece and nephew. Believe it or not, I got everything done last week without crashing (a Christmas miracle!), felt pretty well this weekend, and felt well enough today to go out (OUT!) and finish my shopping. I seem to finally be back to my own personal baseline, just in time to enjoy the holidays!

I really enjoyed spending time with my niece and nephew this weekend (and the rest of my family) and sharing our tradition of reading Christmas books at bedtime. Aren't they sweet? We made it home safely after the big Nor'easter storm, and the boys got two snow days - both today and tomorrow - so they got to start their Christmas break early! They played in the snow all day with their friends, and it was nice not to have to rein them in with worries of being OK for school tomorrow.

SO, we didn't have time for any movies this weekend, but Ken and I watched one over the course of several evenings last week (we can't stay up late enough on school/work nights to watch a whole movie!):
  • Frost Nixon, recommended in a previous Movie Monday comment by Toni. It was excellent - a fascinating story about the TV talk show host (Frost) who scored the big interview with Nixon after he resigned. Thanks for the recommendation!
We also just finished watching The Polar Express with the kids tonight. I'm generally not a big fan of full-length movies made from classic children's picture books (too much extra fluff added), but this one is pretty good and very well done. Now, I need to find time for my annual viewing of It's a Wonderful Life (makes me cry every year).

How about you? Watch any good movies this week?


  1. Good to hear you're back up to speed. Easy does it now!

    Thanks for the movie tips. I've been wanting to watch Frost/Nixon for a while. It's a Wonderful Life is a seasonal must watch over here too. My favourite weepie is A Matter of Life and Death with David Niven as a pilot forced to bail out without a parachute but wakes up unharmed which wasn't supposed to happen. There has to be a heavenly court case to establish whether he lives or dies. Never fails to have me reaching for the tissues.

    Happy holidays Sue!

  2. We still read the classic Christmas books. I think the kids do it now mostly to see me cry while I read! Our new Christmas classic movie is Elf.

    I love the picture! Merry Christmas!