Monday, December 07, 2009

Movie Monday 12/7

We had a nice quiet weekend at home and enjoyed some good movies. We brought our box of Christmas videos up from the basement and started watching some of our old favorites with the kids. Even though they're 11 and 15 now, they still love this holiday tradition. This weekend, we watched an old Muppets Christmas Special (circa 1996?) that always cracks us up and Frosty the Snowman.

In the evenings, Ken and I watched a couple of good movies:
  • Freedomland with Samuel L. Jackson and Julianne Moore is the story of a woman who shows up in the ER, her hands covered in blood, crying that her car was stolen with her young son inside. Samuel L. Jackson is the detective assigned to the case, which sets off violence and suspicion in the local housing project. It's a dark, somewhat disturbing movie but well-done and suspenseful.
  • Feast of Love with Greg Kinnear and Morgan Freeman was a much more uplifting movie, though it had its sad moments. I mentioned before that I love Morgan Freeman in anything, and this movie is no exception. Kinnear plays a hopeless romantic whose relationships keep crashing and burning, while everyone around him struggles with their own relationships. This funny, sexy, warm movie is about life and love in all its crazy variations.
And right now, the boys and I are watching an oldy but a goody, The Muppet Movie, one of my all-time favorites (and best soundtrack ever)! Both boys are home sick today - I'm hoping it's "just" a crash and not something worse. There are so many nasty bugs going around. Back to Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem...


Never That Easy said...

I love it when the christmas movies come up from the basement - I don't usually let the kids watch TV on the days they are here (unless I am too sick to do anything else), but I will make an exception during the next few weeks, so that we can watch some of our favorites.

The Muppet Christmas Carol is definitely on our list.

Sue Jackson said...

Good suggestion! I'm going to request Muppet Christmas Carol from the library right now.

Any other holiday favorites to recommend out there???


Renee said...

The Muppets were one of our family's favorites too! Sounds like a fun weekend.