Wednesday, December 02, 2009

New CFS Segment on Dr. Oz Show Tomorrow

Guess what? All of our letter writing paid off!

Dr. Oz taped a NEW segment on CFS, including the latest research on XMRV, with a well-respected CFS expert, Dr. Donnica Moore, that will air tomorrow, December 3. Dr. Moore has a son - same age as Jamie - with CFS and has previously appeared on two different CFS segments on Good Morning, America. She did a great job both times, so I think this new Dr. Oz segment will be much more accurate than the last one. Check the Dr. Oz website for the time and channel in your local area for tomorrow's show (click on "Local Listings").

Also, if you're in or near western New York, Dr. Bell is giving a public lecture on the XMRV research this Sunday, December 6. Too bad we just left Rochester - I'd like to go to this.

As for us, Jamie is still badly crashed and missed his special trip to Washington, DC, yesterday. He was chosen, along with 24 classmates, out of his class of 300 to attend this special briefing and meeting with our Senators and Representative, so he was pretty disappointed to miss it.

I felt OK both Monday and Tuesday morning, then terrible by dinnertime both days, so I'm taking today OFF. This posting is all my work for today. I'm going to try to rest and recover and finish my book so I can make it to my book group tonight. Too bad Jamie's on the couch...


  1. First, I'm still so sorry that Jamie missed his trip and I hope you can rest up so you can go to your book group tonight. I continue to be astounded by how you do such a wonderful job taking care of your family while being sick yourself.

    I, too, am excited that Dr. Oz is redoing the segment. But to show just how far we still have to go, I turned on the TV and brought up the program guide so I could find tomorrow's show and it's described this way: "Dr. Oz explains how a retrovirus causes exhaustion." Exhaustion?? As my kids would say: "Give me a break." That said, thanks for getting the word out, Sue, and take care of yourself today.

  2. I am excited about this ~ tentatively. I've got my Tivo queued up for it, and we shall see.

    It stinks that Jaime wasn't well enough to go on his trip... I know how much things like that can hurt. I hope he - and you - are feeling better soon!

    PS - Thanks for stopping by (again & always): NaBloPoMo = National Blog Publishing Month, where participants pledge to post (at least) once a day for the entire month. It coincides with NaNoPoMo, so I am sorry I didn't explain it a little bit better. ;)