Thursday, April 07, 2011

NIH State of the Knowledge Broadcast - LIVE

Just a quick reminder - the NIH ME/CFS State of the Knowledge Workshop is being broadcast live NOW (all day today and tomorrow).

Just go to this website and click on the ME/CFS Workshop.  I had to download a RealPlayer (I use a Mac) in order to watch it - a quick and easy process started by clicking on Player Software on the same page.  The more people who log in to watch, the better - the NIH tracks the numbers!

Feeling pretty badly crashed today, so lying in bed watching the conference is just my speed for today.  Gotta get back to it...


  1. Sue - Stupid question? If I watch this via the real player, is it being streamed? Do you know?

    Thanks for the link. I was wondering where I could go watch it!

    Sorry you are crashed. I hope you rebound soon.

  2. There are no stupid questions!!

    I'm no expert on all things computer, but yes, I believe they call is live streaming video. It wouldn't work on my Mac's Quicktime player - that's why I needed to download the RealPlayer, but once I did that, it worked very well. In fact, it's clear they've improved it since the last time. You can now make he window larger and read the slides. Sorry I didn't get to your question earlier - I was napping.

    They're talking about Exercise Physiology and Energy Metabolism now...


  3. Hey!

    I was trying to find some transcipts of the proceedings online when I found this, a lovely letter we just got from the Secretary of Health and Human Services, (and my fellow Kansan) Kathleen Sibilius. Check it out!

  4. Awesome, Lee! Thanks for sharing the letter. At the end of the meeting, the Director of NIH stopped by. He said he'd meant to sit in on more of the workshop but was busy in emergency meetings all day because of the imminent government shut-down. Sounds like the people at the top might finally be getting the message!