Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Time to Vote on a New Public Service Announcement!

You may recall I posted recently about a contest, sponsored by the ME/CFS Worldwide Patient Alliance, for a new ME/CFS Public Service Announcement (PSA) that will be sent to TV stations.

It's time to vote for your favorite PSA and let your voice be heard!  Here are the details:

You get to have your say with MCWPA. We are now calling for ME/CFS patients and their families to vote on the final versions of the PSA contest entries. After receiving patient feedback, the designers made changes.  Use the links below to watch the PSAs on YouTube (each one is only 30 seconds long):

View PSA #1 Hallmark.

View PSA #2 Serious.

View PSA #3 Prevalent.

View PSA #4 Whirlwind.

Be sure and view the above videos before going to the survey to cast your vote.

The winning PSA designer will received $400 from the MCWPA donations. An anonymous donor has also offered to give $100 to the winner's favorite charity. The second place winner will receive $200 and the third place winner will receive $100.

Voting ends on April 18 at midnight EST.

I just watched the videos and cast my own vote - it only takes a few minutes!


  1. I voted. I had to chose #2 because the others videos made me seriously ill. It was the only one that I could watch in full!