Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Listen to Radio Show on ME/CFS

Last night, I was on a radio show on ME/CFS broadcast out of Colorado, along with MCWPA founder Tina Tidmore and young ME/CFS patient Kitty.  I think the show went well - the three of us were able to pack in a lot of factual information, and the host seemed fascinated and even expressed interest in perhaps having us on again (this was Tina's second time appearing on the show).

If you missed it last night, you can listen online at this link or download audio files.

In other news...our 16-year old son Jamie went back to school today - hurray!!  He had a pretty severe 5-day crash after our trip to Washington, DC, last week, but he says it was worth it.  It's good to see him feeling more like himself again.  I started to recover this weekend and am feeling good again, too - took a walk yesterday and got on the Lifecycle for a while today.  Love those beta blockers and my heart rate monitor!  I'm trying to work up my stamina so I can enjoy some short hikes on our vacation in June, but the last few very hectic weeks set me back a bit.

And I skipped Movie Monday yesterday - too much stuff going on!  Ken and I did squeeze in a movie Sunday night - The King's Speech, which was just as wonderful as everyone had said.  Colin Firth was, of course, excellent in it, but I thought Geoffrey Rush really stole the show.  Great movie.


  1. Anonymous6:42 PM

    why does the host keep calling it "pooh-berty"?

  2. ha ha - don't know - I wondered that myself!

  3. Maxine7:40 PM

    Thanks for providing the link to listen to it after the fact, Sue!