Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Movie Tuesday 5/31

The Monday holiday has left me a day behind!  That, plus a severe crash.

This is no "oops, I did too much yesterday" crash but one of those "whoa, my immune system has gone bonkers" crashes that only hits me about once a year or so.  It started Saturday evening, out of the blue - sore throat so bad it felt like I'd swallowed rusty nails, with terrible flu-like aches.  These exact same symptoms - in this exact same pattern - are how my CFS began 9 years ago, and I go through an episode like this once or twice a year.  Last time was September, 8 months ago.

So, I spent most of the holiday weekend in bed.  Craig was the only one in our family who had a busy social life this weekend, so Ken, Jamie, and I enjoyed a couple of movies:
  • Jamie and I have been wanting to see It's Kind of a Funny Story for ages (the previews just looked good to us), and it lived up to our expectations.  It's a sweet, funny, warm story about a 16-year old boy who is feeling overwhelmed and suicidal.  He checks himself into a psychiatric ward which requires that he stay for at least 5 days for evaluation.  The teen ward is closed for renovations, so he finds himself among mostly adults with all sorts of mental illnesses.  He becomes friends with Bobby, a suicidal adult who is going through a rough time, and attracted to Noelle, a depressed teen like himself.  I know a drama that takes place in a mental institution doesn't sound like much fun, but it is!  Well-written and well-acted.  We all enjoyed it.
  • Sunday night, the three of us watched The Black Swan, a super-creepy psycho-sexual-thriller starring Natalie Portman.  It wasn't as scary as we thought it might be, but it was very, very bizarre, basically the story of a ballerina who feels threatened by a new arrival and goes a little bonkers (OK, more than a little).  Weird.
Meanwhile, I have been reading a really amazing book - perfect for sick days in bed because I can hardly stand to set it down.  Check out my book blog for a summary of what we are all reading this week.

Have you seen any good movies lately?


  1. Hi Sue
    Sorry to hear about your crash...strange how it comes twice a year...but then everything is strange about our illnesses...right?
    We watched A Dog Year with Jeff Bridges...was good but ended abruptly and left us wanting to rewrite the movie...guess there is a book out there too.
    Hope you feel well again soon.

  2. Girl, It mus be in the air b/c I had a severe crash this weekend. I spent all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday in bed.... I am feeling some better as I am awake and alert for the moment. I hope you have a better week. Take care of yourself.

  3. I'll have to check that one out, Renee - hadn't heard of it. I hate when an otherwise good movie has a screwy ending. I guess It's Kind of a Funny Story was based on a book, too.

    Keena - Sorry to hear you're down and out, too. Hope we're both back on our feet soon!

  4. Sue,
    Hope you feel better very soon. Those crashes are so yucky! I hope yours doesn't last very long!

    We watched Sweet Land and loved it.

    Take care and feel better soon!!


  5. Thanks for the good wishes, Elaine. Still in bad shape today - I think I'll go back to bed, in the hopes of being able to go to an event at Craig's school later. We enjoyed Sweet Land, too.

  6. Hope you're feeling better soon!