Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Post-Vacation Crash

Crashed today.

It's probably due to weaning myself off Ambien last night.  I have to take Ambien when I'm away from home in order to stay asleep all night.  At home, my regular meds for correcting sleep dysfunction work great, and I sleep soundly, but when I'm not in my own bed, it's just not enough.  I take a tiny dose of Ambien - half of a 5 mg pill - but there is still a 1-day adjustment when I get home.  I try to minimize the adjustment by taking one-quarter of a pill the first night back (it's tough to cut them that tiny!), but that first night with no Ambien is still always a restless one. 

I had all kinds of bizarre dreams last night, too.  I know it will be a bad day when I dream of being sick during the night!  I dreamt that Ken had dragged me out to an Irish pub with a bunch of people he works with (though no one I recognized).  Everyone else was partying it up, and I just kept feeling worse and worse.  Not a good sign, right?

Anyway, I'm hoping this will just be a little 1-day blip.  It's a Plan-B day.  I gave up on going to the grocery store and e-mailed Ken a short list of groceries to pick up to get us through the next two days.  Now I think it's time for some lunch and a nice, long nap - that should do the trick.


  1. Sue,
    I hope and pray you feel better soon. Not getting sleep really messes us up.....

    Have a great nap:)


  2. I'm sorry you are crashed Sue.

    I used to take Ambien but developed serious problems with it so stopped taking it.

    I'm really glad that you all are home safe and sound and that you had a nice trip. Great memories to make for you and the family.

  3. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Sue, I have those dreams too. out somewhere around lots of people and feeling sick. Dreams can be interesting but sometimes they are a bit much. I find nap-sleep to be usually free of restless dreams and somehow more refreshing than night sleep.

    I hope everyone gets some good rest. The trip sounds like it was fun.


  4. Welcome home and rest up! I'm glad the trip went to well.

  5. Plan B day sounds like a good plan for you after your trip and lack of good sleep! Hope things adjust soon.

  6. Welcome back, and I hope you feel better soon. :)

  7. Gee, one day? It usually takes me as many days as I was away for to get up to par at all. Especially my sleep pattern, which is one of my worst 'symptoms'.
    (PS - I'm a lurker, this is my first post here).

  8. Mto -

    Thanks for coming our of the silence of lurkdom to leave a comment!

    Yes, you are right - I am very fortunate to be doing as well as I am now and to be able to recover in just a day. Sorry if I sounded like I was complaining - I know many with CFS are much worse off than me.

    It has taken me many years of effort and much trial and error to find the right combination of medications to allow me to function as I do now. If sleep is still your worst symptom, click on the link in this post to my earlier post on treating sleep dysfunction - getting good sleep makes a huge difference and makes all other symptoms better! That was the very first thing my doctor did when I first found her and she recognized I had ME/CFS.


  9. For a non-pharmacological approach I recommend the Conquering Insomnia Program. It helped me a lot.