Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Videos from FDA ME/CFS Workshop Posted

The FDA was very quick to post videos from their recent workshop on Development of Safe and Effective Drug Therapies for CFS and ME (I was a little slow, but they were quick).

If you go to this website, you will see a list of archived videos. They conveniently broke the meeting down into manageable pieces, so you can just watch the parts that are of interest to you or watch them all, one at a time, when you're able to.

I saw some of these live (but not all of them). I highly recommend any of the patient panels - it was so exciting to watch all these people from the FDA listen to what regular ME/CFS patients and clinicians had to say! One of my favorites was Patient Panel #2.

This meeting was ground-breaking! Hope you enjoy peeking in and seeing for yourself.

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